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If you got a kick out of the steampunk-inspired “problem light” we posted a while back, you’ll enjoy this similar monitor mod.  After ditching the boring black plastic case, this guy discovered that the whole monitor was encased in stamped sheet steel.  A little metallic-gold Rustoleum plus some brown Krylon crystal color — and a lot of scavenged brass components from clocks and other stuff — yield what you see above.

Oh yeah, he made a kick-ass keyboard, too.  Check out his site for detailed instructions and pictures.

(Thanks, BT, for the tip!)

Steampunk Montor Mod [The Steampunk Workshop]

Update: Check out the comments on this post for TM reader Blind’s list of numerous other steampunk projects online.


10 Responses to Problem Light Fans, Meet The Steampunk Dell Monitor

  1. Blind says:

    test… why can’t I get messages to post?

  2. Blind says:

    OK, this doesn’t seem to want to post in one comment so I guess I’ll have to do multiple:

    More Steampunk stuff:

    RSS Ticker (same guy as above)

    Keyboard (same guy)

  3. Blind says:

    Bunch of other stuff (another laptop, a full computer, one of the above keyboards, A scanner… the scanner is my favorite)

  4. Blind says:

    Two more that I couldn’t get to post earlier
    Electric Guitar

  5. Blind says:

    “More” pretty much sums up this link.

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