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Gravity Feed Blaster

Harbor Freight is offering this gravity feed blaster gun for $10 right now.  I don’t really need one, but at this price I’ll probably pick one up just for the hell of it.  The Central Pneumatic #93321 features a 9-ounce hopper, a 5 mm nozzle, and demands a max air pressure of 90 PSI and a volume of 1.7 CFM.

Gravity Feed Blaster Gun [Harbor Freight]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: A Gravity Feed Blaster Gun For $10

  1. DaleC says:

    I’ve got the other one that HF sales for ~ 14.00 on sale. It is black and purple with a larger hopper. These are greate for small brackets, headers, or anything else that won’t fit in a blasting cabinet.
    The blasting media (sand) that HF sales is waaaay too expensive however. I found another local source that has several different types of blasting media for ~ 7.00 for a huge bag. I think HF charges over 20.00 for a smaller bag.

  2. John Laur says:

    Why don’t you guys just come out and say that EVERYTHING made by Central Pneumatic and sold by Harbor Freight is kind of crappy but considering bang-for-the-buck it’s justifiable for an occasional-use home shop and even sometimes cheaper than buying quality tools that wear out 1/4 as fast but cost 20x the price?

    I mean you have been trailing this cheap-ass-tools thing out with one vendor and one manufacturer an awfully long time, don’t you think?

    Here’s the link to all Central Pneumatic tools sold by Harbor Freight http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Category.taf?f=bylogo&logourl=centpneu%2Egif&brand=Central%20Pneumatic

    Not withstanding this, pretty much all pneumatic tools give good bang for the buck. Air motors are incredibly simple and cheap to make. After all, that’s why you spent all that money on a really good compressor right?

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    John: It seems like HF comes up a lot in the cheap-ass tools category — but we’d love to include others. If you have suggestions, drop us a line and we’ll post ’em for sure.

  4. Mark Bickford says:

    My thoughts on Harbor Freight Tools:
    I own A LOT of HF tools, probably more than any one you know…
    Sockets, wrenches & ratchets are all craftsman, I’m a gorilla. I will break them. With craftsman, at least they’ve got a fighting chance. Your mileage may vary.
    Although I did just pick up the HF version of the GearWrench. Looks just the same quality as my buddies Craftsman set & $15 cheaper. Also picked up the Go-thru socket set, neat idea!
    Also have HF impact sockets & an older (they don’t carry it any more) 3/4 & 1″ drive set – 6′ of handles on the breaker bar & me jumping up & down on it. At about 25lbs over an 1/8 of a ton, I’m impressed!
    Tools that have moving parts (especially electrical tools) from HF need to IMMEDIATELY have that Chinese grease (what is that? Pig fat?) cleaned out & replaced with something better!
    HF tools will last A LONG time if lubed with decent grease. I have a HF impact wrench that I picked up in the early ’80s, still works great. Lube often!
    Also, the plastic tool bodies don’t seem to be as impact resistant as name brand tools. I’ve dropped my Makita off a roof on to cement, it has a wee little scratch. I dropped an 18V HF drill off a ladder, it busted in half. They did give me a replacement, though. Don’t abuse your tools, no matter what brand they are…

    HF does carry some items that ARE name brand, and still a great deal…

    Hammers, saws, drill bits, fixtures, pullers, auto specialty tools, air tools and consumable supplies & misc hardware all seem to be of fairly decent quality.
    I’ve got quite a few tools that there is no way I could afford, if I didn’t get ’em at HF. I have several different types of air nailers (framing, roofing, brad & tee), for less than I would have paid for a single Senco. I’ve used the snot out of them, they’re holding up just fine. Keep ’em lubed!

    Of the all the tools (hundreds?) that I’ve gotten from HF, I’ve really only had 2 that I could complain about:
    The auto darkening welding helmet is about 5 shades darker than it claims, so dark it’s unusable. Took it back & exchanged it twice.
    The $40 wheel barrow just absolutely is not going to fit together with the parts included. Took it back & exchanged it twice. The spreader across the back of the legs is about 4″ too long. I guess I’ll have to trim & re-drill it. Irritates me to have to modify something that’s brand new, just to get it to work…


  5. David Culberson says:

    In my experience, the 18v HF tools were worse than just not having them. They spun too slow and the batteries died super-fast. My Ryobi (still pretty cheap) was a gold-plated godsend in comparison.

    Mark’s about right – some tools are pretty decent, and get the job done. Just don’t bank on ’em. I have impact sockets from them, which sometimes scares me, but honestly I can’t justify the MAC/SnapOn/Craftsman price level impact tools for my usage level.

    John: you kinda came across as a jerk, take it easy. 🙂

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