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The Duluth Trading Company offers a beautifully crafted wood toolbox for those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to inherit one from our grandfathers.  While the weight of a wood toolbox can make it impractical to lug around, this could be the perfect solution for those of us who out of habit, convenience or necessity keep a stash of tools in an accessible and very visible spot in our homes.

The line drawing on their website doesn’t come close to showing you its furniture-quality beauty and craftsmanship — with finger-jointed corners and antique brass cornerpieces — so I asked a fellow houseblogger, StuccoHouse, if I could use the pictures they took which show how it really looks. 

This toolbox includes a removable, partitioned tray above the main storage compartment and a small corkboard mounted inside the lid for notes.  All hardware is made of antique brass, and the exterior dimensions are 24″ long by 9-1⁄2″ wide by 10″ deep. The currently listed sale price is $125.

Oak Toolbox [Duluth Trading Company]


3 Responses to A Beautifully Crafted Oak Toolbox You Needn’t Wait To Inherit

  1. Julian Tracy says:

    Is this another wonderful product made by the fine folks in China? No prob if it is, but that takes a bit of the craftsmanship out of it. For instance, the Machinist’s wooden tool chest versions out of China seem to be made out of a much more dry wood species and are prone to cracked drawer faces, ect.

    They look great in the pictures though, but heirloom quality they are probably not. If these are made in the US, then maybe they are decent, and if so, that’s not too bad a price for what you are getting.


  2. David Culberson says:

    Julian, it does say “imported,” so I think we know the answer to your question…

    Anyway, I doubt you’d get an heirloom quality tool box for $125 nowadays.

  3. Jim Cole says:

    Considering that even the most prestigious furniture makers (Stickley, etc.) now have their furniture made abroad, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the craftmanship of an imported product. I’ve actually seen this box and it is very nice and definitely will last longer than most.

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