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We asked all you Toolmongers out there about a couple of products recently, and here’s what you told us:

Two Wheel Wheelbarrows: Hot.
Readers say the second wheel adds stability and load-carrying capacity, though two-wheelers don’t turn as tight.

Hand-Powered Drills: Hot.
This post conjured up readers’ memories of using hand-drills as children, and almost everyone agreed that not every application requires a 20V, 600+ in-lb monster cordless.  And if you don’t already own a hand drill, look in comments for some great recommendations.

Black Flag’s Propane-Powered Bug Fogger: Meh.
While some few readers really objected to this bug-killing fog machine, numerous comments described easier and cheaper ways to accomplish the same thing in a greener DIY fashion.

Short Bed Trucks: Hot.
I’ll just say it: I suggested that if you can’t carry a full sheet of plywood, it’s not a truck.  I was wrong.  Lots of plumbers, contractors, and other non-carpenters use the crap out of their trucks, but have no need to carry an 8-foot-long item.  I stand corrected, and you should read the post’s comments to see exactly why.

SawStop’s “Safe” Table Saw: Who knows?
Most readers side-stepped our direct question, straying instead into a heated discussion of theorized false-triggers and saw manufacturer politics.  Still, everyone’s comments make for an interesting read.

The Fein MultiMaster: Hot. 
All commenters who actually had their hands on one of these uber-priced multi-tools had good things to say about it, while everyone else carried on none-less-interesting discussion on the terms “reciprocating” and “oscilating.”  Check it out.

Aluminum Layout Squares: Hot.
So we’re one of the few people on the planet who didn’t already know these are hot as hell.  If you’re one, too, check out the comments for great suggestions on where to get one and how to use it.

Quick-Lube Oil Changes: Not.
Surprise, surprise: DIY rules among Toolmongers.  I guess I’m just too lazy to take on this dirty task.

Black & Decker’s Workmate: Hot.
It seems everyone loves this long-time homeowner favorite portable workbench.  Check out comments for some great “where I got my old-ass Workmate” stories.

Store-Bought Workbenches: Not.
With the exception of zillion-buck, customizable options — which are firmly out of the range of most Toolmonger’s budgets — virtually every Toolmonger recommended building your own.  Wanna know a secret: I have a store-bought bench.  Sort of.  I’ll post a picture of it next week.

Metal Chops Saws For Home Use: Hot.
I was scared of the mess it’d make, but after reading the comments on the Hot or Not, I think I might give one a try.  Readers offered some great suggestions on which ones to buy and how to keep them from bathing everything you own in ground metal.

Wow — we should really do these roundups more often!  If you have a suggestion for a Hot or Not post, drop us a line and let us know.


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  1. kythri says:

    The aluminum speed?/spped? squares link points to the multimaster.

    Just thought I’d let ya’ll know.

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