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It’s not the deal-of-the-century, but if you’ve been thinking about ditching your gas push-mower for a green-friendly, low-maintenance electric or reel model, Amazon’s free shipping offer might tip you over the edge

If you’re looking to go electric, I’d recommend either Sunlawn’s EM-2 (pictured) or Black & Decker’s 24V cordless, both of which I enjoyed when I tested them for Wired a few months back.  And if your lawn is small enough, Sunlawn also makes some great non-powered reel mowers.

The Sunlawn EM-2 Via Amazon [What’s this?]
The Black & Decker 24V Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Sunlawn MM-1 Manual Reel Mower Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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