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If James Bond grilled burgers (instead of terrorists) on Friday nights, he’d retrieve this BBQ tool set from the back of his Aston Martin before firing up the expensive, hard-wood-lump charcoal.  It’d also make a great gift for the “executive” in your life who has everything, but still wants everything else.

If you detect a hint of saracsm above, it’s probably due to my poorly-hidden belief in the base-appeal of simple BBQ.  While I can respect a person who puts in a 22-hour day to get the brisket just right, I have trouble getting excited about an $80 burger flipper — even if it slides neatly into an included attache case with a dozen other matching stainless-steel tools.

But if you disagree — or are buying a gift for someone who does — this is your tool set.

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One Response to A BBQ Set Only Q Could Love

  1. Lee Gibson says:

    The thing that really gets me is that 99.44% of the barbecue tongs on the market are absolutely useless.

    Just go squeeze some. If you can get the handles to touch each other, they’re not nearly rigid enough to pick up a steak. (THROW AWAY YOUR BARBECUE FORK!!!!!)

    OXO makes a set of tongs, 16″ long, designed by smart people. Accept no substitutes.

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