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Long-time TM reader Joel sent us a link to this great Harbor Freight coupon that lets you pick up a set of basic hearing protectors for $4.  He writes: “Cheap hearing protection is way better than none.  I got my first hearing protectors this last winter.  I couldn’t imagine working with my power tools without it now.  Do yourself a favor and buy these.  At $4, there’s no excuse.”

Ear Muffs Coupon [Harbor Freight]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Save Your Hearing For $4

  1. Joel Wires says:

    I’m also thinking a buying another set to hack and install a set of ear buds to have a radio/mp3 player hearing protectors so I can listen to music while using my power tools.

  2. benjamen says:

    I’ve used both muff type hearing protectors and in ear type, and I have to say that I find the in ear type more comfortable and cheaper. The in ear type may feel a little funny at first, but after 15 minutes you don’t notice the in ear type, while you are very conscious of the muff type even after 15 minutes.

    Not to mention that the in ear type are generally cheaper.

    A few tips:
    1) clean you ears before using the in ear type hearing protector, they’ll be a lot less yucky the next time you use them.
    2) Don’t buy the foam in ear protectors, use the rubbery ones that look like they are stacked rings. They fit in the ear more snugly.
    3) Buy the type of in ear hearing protectors that are joined by a cord, not the ones that use a solid plastic headband. As you move around the noise of the solid plastic band rubbing around your neck , hair, shirt, etc, is transfered directly into your ears. It can be quite annoying

  3. Trucker Joe says:

    I agree with Joel Wires. Adding sound to these type of protectors can be a quick and fairly painless process and will help loud chore time pass faster. Although I might opt for the earpieces from a cheap pair of personal stereo headphones…not the old muff type nor earbuds. And it is MUCH cheaper than buying one with speakers already installed. Several websites offer tutorials on doing this. Make magazine most probably off the top of head.

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