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Remember old-school Toolmonger that was all young, dumb and full of… vigor?  So do we.  Check out what we were discussing a year ago this week: 

  • Sean wrote up a sprinkler repair kit — the same one he used earlier that week to fix his own system when it broke open and pissed all over his driveway.  Hint: fixing sprinkers is much easier than you’d guess.  Don’t hire someone — fix it yourself!
  • Discovery aired (and we plugged) an early re-run of Black Sky, their documentary on every DIYer’s hero Burt Rutan’s two-flight X-Prize win.  If by some miracle you haven’t seen this yet, buy it or rent it right now.  From a kid building model airplanes to creater the world’s first commercial space ship — that’s some serious inspiration.
  • We wrote about our favorite — and sadly discontinued — everyday pocket knife, the Mini-Buck.  We continue to beg, and our please continue to fall on deaf ears.  When will Buck buck-up and resume production of these inexpensive masterpieces?
  • Sean wrote one of my favorite headlines: “Jump-N-Carry: Better Than Push-N-Sweat.”  He was talking, of course, about JNCAir’s portable jump-start battery.  Thankfully there are now dozens of these on the market.  You should own one, especially if you have an, erm, unreliable vehicle.
  • We bitched about Home Depot’s search engine, which pretty much sucked.  But guess what?  They felt our pain and made some modest improvements — about 11 months later.
  • We also wrote about the first step of a project that’s still on hold: our BMW Airhead.  We launched into this with the best of intentions, but other more interesting projects took over, and the poor Bimmer still sits in our storage site in pieces.  We’ll get back to it one day.
  • And, of course, we made fun of Harbor Freight’s stranger flyer items.

Good times.  See you here next year.


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