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We’re taking today off to enjoy some steaks by the grill — we are Texans, after all — the Transformers movie, and maybe some fireworks later this evening.  But we wanted to mention a couple of things before we hit the grocery store for some ribeyes:

First, in the spirit of independence, Toolmonger contributor Nate Bezanson has compiled a list of a few more “made in the USA” tools for your consideration:

  • Made in the USA since 1964, Bondhus hex tools have a reputation for quality and precision, and they’re available almost everywhere tools are sold. That’s an unusual combination, but it shows what a little American ingenuity, and some market savvy, can do! (Bondhus Hex Tools [Corporate Site])
  • Made in Meadville, Pennsylvania since 1886, Channellock pliers are so common their name is nearly a generic term. And while their new handle color scheme looks like it should be flapping in the breeze on Superman’s back, the tools themselves offer all the serious performance you’d expect. (Channellock Tools [Corporate Site])
  • Armstrong got their start making bicycle repair tools in the 1890s, and now they manufacture a wide variety of industrial hand tools. They’re made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty. And unlike many industrial suppliers, their website is actually pretty user-friendly. So head on over and spend some time drooling! (Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools [Corporate Site])

Next, we’d like to remind everyone about our friendly competition with the folks over at This Old House’s “The Hardware Aisle” blog.  Our buddy Harry over there has been posting July 4th-themed tools from his New York City office like mad, and we’ve been having a ball, too.  If you’ve got a second, look at the previous post and vote for your favorite.

Finally, we’d like to let those of you who’ve emailed to ask if we’re going to be at this fall’s Maker Faire in Austin know that yes, we’ll definitely be there.  We’re still discussing in what capacity, but if nothing else we’ll be there with some tools and maybe even some of our crazy projects.  We had a great time in San Francisco, and we’re looking forward to the “no coast edition.”

Have a good time today, and be careful with those fireworks.  Remember: beer + steak = good.  Beer + more beer + fireworks = bad.

(Thanks, Chefanden for the great CC-licensed photo.)


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