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Practically synonymous with keychain LED lights, the Photon series (and all of LRI’s other products) are made in Oregon. The Micro-Light II improves on the original by offering a small switch that locks it on for hands-free lighting. It’s not as bright as a full-size flashlight, but as with any “every-day carry” item: the best tool is the one you have with you.

And for convenience, the Photon can’t be beat, especially since it’ll set you back less than $20.

Photon Micro-Light II [Laughing Rabbit Inc]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


6 Responses to Made in the USA: The Photon Micro-Light

  1. Douglas Kwan says:

    love these for keychains. you can also hand out the knock off ones as gifts

  2. Crispy says:

    Ravers love them as well, don’t ask.

  3. Actually the X-light, which has strobe functions, and the Rav’N, which is purpose-built for party twirling, are probably more popular with the glowstick crowd. 😉 Although the Rav’N is discontinued, a ridiculously similarly named product, the Eternalight Rave’N is intended for the same market, and offers even more colorful blinky features.

    I’m fond of LED toys, can you tell? 😉 I figure if something’s got a microprocessor and an LED, why not give it some fun modes? Head on over to http://www.ledmuseum.org and check out the giant pile of reviews!

  4. Piett says:

    These lights are the best. Years back they were the xmas gifts for all of my relatives.

  5. PaulS. says:

    I have both the Micro Light with the separate on/off switch and the Freedom version, which stays on my keys. The Freedom lets you select three levels of brightness, steady or flashing modes, along with single-press-to-stay-on. Have you ever dropped your keys in a dark parking lot and had difficulty finding them? Switch on the light as you pull them from your pocket or purse and that won’t happen. Ever had to work in a dark place like an attic, then have your light source fail, leaving you in the dark? I would just pull out my keys and have my Photon there as back-up. Both those situations have happened to me and I’ll never be without one again.

  6. Raver says:

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

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