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Sometimes you can’t avoid working on live live circuits, and for those times, I want Cementex tools.  They’re double-dipped — first in one color, then another — so you can easily see cuts and scratches in the outer layer before they become dangerous. 

They’re also not cheap — the pictured cutters street at around $180 and basic pliers start around $30 — but when you’re betting your life on them, quality and safety are worth paying for.  And, of course, they’re made in the USA!

Cementex Tools [Cementex Tools]
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5 Responses to Made in the USA: Cementex Insulated Tools

  1. Fletcher says:

    If buying the tool purely for the insulative properties of it’s handle, why not just buy a cheaper tool and Plasti-Dip the handles a couple of times. You can even get a couple different colors of Plasti-Dip for the same differentiating effect.

  2. T. Papciak says:

    As the Eastern Regional Manager/Rep for Cementex I offer the following:

    All insulated tools (1000V Rated) must be marked with the the Double – Triangle; International symbol of Insulated Tools, manufacturer’s name, date of manufacture, and 1000V.

    These markings are mandated by ASTM F1505-4. If you Plasti-Dip your tools and have an accident, OSHA can cite for using a non-insulated tools (not marked) in an energized environment. Also see OSHA 1910-.331-.335.

    One other note: When using insulated tools, you should also be wearing dielectric rated gloves & covers, along with appropriate PPE (Person Protective Ewquipment) for the energy level your being exposed to.

  3. M Hanson says:

    Along with the legal reason to not dip the tools is to look at the design of the handles. They make it very hard to touch the metal if for some reason the human side happens and PPE is forgotten or you get a surprise live circuit. With some of the wiring I have seen that is not so off the wall.

    It is human nature to jump when many types of contacts are made with live circuits. You do not want eveb with gloves, PPE or other to touch the metal if you can help it. I have pulled the plastic handles off some cheap questionable tools when I hit a live surprise once. I was glad they were there but got a larger tingle than I should have. I looked at the later and did not see the required marks.

    Legal or not, buying cheap and dipping scares me. I feel alot more comfortable using the correct certified tools. I like the design of the handles as well as the double insulation.

  4. bob says:

    Cementex just insulates other manufacturer’s tools (often channelock).

  5. Camron says:

    Make sure you use insulated gloves along with insulated tools. Just double dipped coating is not always enough protection.

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