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Cable pullers — called “come-alongs” by the fence-mendin’ ranch crowd — are undeniably the easy answer to “how are we gonna move that 6,000-pound doohickey?”  This beauty from American Power Pull is pretty much what you’d expect in a puller, but with two features that set it apart from the rest: cast (instead of stamped) steel construction and a “third hook.”

Its cast body reduces weight dramatically while retaining plenty of strength.  It’s 24 pounds light!  And the third hook offers you a choice of ultimate strength or ultimate reach: for 3-ton use, hook the lead back to the frame and connect the pulley to the load.  But if you don’t need that much leverage, you can double your reach and speed by pulling directly with the lead — no pulley involved. Most cheaper pullers are permanently configured one way or the other and don’t give you this time-saving — and arm-saving! — choice.

It’s a bit pricey at around $130 — compared to around $40 for a cheap-ass basic model — but considering its additional functionality and long-term usefulness, I’d be tempted to make the investment. 

3-Ton Power Puller [American Power Pull]
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One Response to Made in the USA: A 3-Ton Cable Puller

  1. scote says:

    Cast? Is that good? Forged, sure, but cast? I’d have thought that the danger of casting flaws would be bad for high tension applications? Granted that’s just my lack of knowledge speaking, but I’d love to hear why cast is such a good thing…

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