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Stars and Stripes Austin Mini

Old Glory on a right-hand drive British icon?  Oh, the irony!  The owner of this old-school, not-a-BMW Austin Mini inherited it from his parents, who bought it to autocross while stationed in Southern England back in the ’60s.  The owner’s parents say they were the only Americans autocrossing in their local Mini Club, which inspired the stars-and-stripes paint job.

Check out the owner’s site for lots of cool details, like a scan of his mother’s racing license and a rundown of the car’s later modifications.  What’s really sweet is that the car is still in racing use today. 

As a Brit living in America I sort of feel like this car, Proud to be British, Proud to be in America, and sometimes on the wrong side of the road.

Old Glory Mini [Minigma’s Stars and Stripes]


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