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As you’ve probably noticed, our favorite holiday gift — even on holidays which generally don’t involve gift-giving — is the venerable pocket knife.  Why not treat yourself to one for the 4th?  Our favorite: this 3″ lockback from Santa Fe Stoneworks’ patriotic series.

Note: In competition with our friends at The Hardware Aisle, we’re posting lots of patriotic tools today and tomorrow.  Look for a post on Wednesday (the 4th) where you can vote for your favorite.  And don’t forget to submit your favorite patriotic tools!  If your suggestion is the reader favorite, we’ll send you a tool from the test pile — something nice.

Made of steel and nickel silver, this knife lays out the colors that don’t run in lapis, coral, and mother of pearl — complete with an inlaid mother of pearl star.  Best of all, it’s small enough for office use, and fancy enough to attract some positive attention.

It’s available in double-sided form for $120 from a variety of sources, and celebratelifegifts.com also offers a more budget-minded single-sided version for $80.

PS: Santa Fe stoneworks doesn’t list the product, but they do carry a bunch of neat stuff, like high-quality forged flatware and specialty items.  Cut the cake at your wedding with a damascus cake knife!  Sweet.

3″ Lockback Knife, Patriotic Series [Celebratelifegifts.com]
Santa Fe Stoneworks [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to What’s More American Than A Pocket Knife?

  1. Bryan Smith says:

    A bb gun.

  2. Blind says:

    psh.. only if you want to put your eye out.

    While I’ve paid more then that for pocket knives in the past (my $160 MOD ATFK holding the current title), I’m not sure I can convince myself that that one is worth $120. Course, I’m not one for caring too much about the form of my knife over the function.

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