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Harry Sawyers over at This Old House dropped us a line this morning to tell us about his “This Old Glory” series, where he’s posting “the most unabashedly patriotic products he can find.”  Today’s entry: a flag-covered hard hat.

Well, Harry, how ’bout a good ‘ole fashioned challenge?  Let’s both post all the patriotic gear we can find today and tomorrow, and then we’ll post a list of all the items on the 4th and let readers vote for their favorite.  If you win, we’ll send you a Toolmonger coffee cup signed, “You rock, Chuck and Sean.”  If we win, you send us Norm Abram a piece of TOH memorabilia of your choice.  Either way, the readers win. 

Sound like fun?

Hard Hat, Easy Rider [The Hardware Isle, TOH]


3 Responses to Show Your True Colors, Patriot

  1. McAngryPants says:

    ahem…nationalism does not equal patriotism

  2. Pat says:

    I agree with McAngryPants, and will be taking a break while the focus remains flag waving nationalism rather than tools.

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