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We’ve often advised you to stay away from black Mag-Lites because a) they’re easy to lose in the dark, and b) everyone else has one, so they can easily steal yours.  Here’s a Mag-Lite that you probably won’t find elsewhere at work: silver with a waving flag.

Note: In competition with our friends at The Hardware Aisle, we’re posting lots of patriotic tools today and tomorrow.  Look for a post on Wednesday (the 4th) where you can vote for your favorite.  And don’t forget to submit your favorite patriotic tools!  If your suggestion is the reader favorite, we’ll send you a tool from the test pile — something nice.

It’s a standard AA-model which ships with batteries and a spare bulb, all in a pretty black-plastic collectors case (that you’ll likely discard immediately).  Amazon also carries a version that ditches the case for a holster (see link below).

Street pricing starts around $26, though hard shopping’ll net you one for around $20.

Flag-Covered Mag-Lite, Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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