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Getting ready to buy a new roll-away?  Craftsman offers their ball-bearing models in a variety of baked-enamel colors, including screen-prints like this American flag/statue of liberty combo. 

Note: In competition with our friends at The Hardware Aisle, we’re posting lots of patriotic tools today and tomorrow.  Look for a post on Wednesday (the 4th) where you can vote for your favorite.  And don’t forget to submit your favorite patriotic tools!  If your suggestion is the reader favorite, we’ll send you a tool from the test pile — something nice.

Other than the printing, they’re pretty much the Craftsman cabinets you’ve used at home for years, with Sears’ Griplatch drawer system and an internal locking system with two reversible, over-molded keys.

Personally, I’ve never been able to bring myself to pony up the $621 Sears asks for this.  Their lower-priced models are cheap enough to justify their use, but the high-end ones compete with pro-level gear, and that’s a much tougher market.  Still, they’re a bit cheaper than MAC and Snap-on, and the ball-bearing models are much nicer than the cheapie slider-type.

Craftsman 11-Drawer 26″ Combo in Patriotic Blue [Sears]


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  1. Deep C says:

    This tool is looking cool and useful.

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