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Tired of wrestling your lawnmower around obstacles in your yard?  Just replace your front or rear non-drive wheels with Eazy Mow’s swivel wheels to convert your old-school walk-behind into a low-buck zero-turn.

Eazy Mow says they’ll bolt to a variety of mower brands including Craftsman, Toro, most Honda, many MTD, and lots more.  (Check their website for the full list.)  And unlike some walk-behind zero-turns, you don’t have to un-bolt or remove the wheels in order to adjust mowing height.  A simple spring pin allows you to set the height for each wheel.  The swivels also lock to avoid wandering on steep grades.

Installation consists of removing your existing wheels, bolting the adjustable mounting plate in place, then attaching the pivot arms and caster wheels.

While I’ve seen the benefits of zero-turn riding lawnmowers, I’d personally like to see an independent review of these before climbing on the bandwagon.  Will they really make mowing the lawn easier, or is there a good reason why most top-rated push and self-propelled mowers don’t have swivel wheels?  For around $60, is anyone willing to try them out?

Eazy Mow Swivel Wheels [Eazy Mow, Inc.]

7 Responses to Turn Any Push Mower Into a Zero-Turn

  1. nrChris says:

    The wheels look wrong for the application. They look just like cheap casters–I would think you’d at least need something with a tread pattern, if not something bigger and softer. Maybe someone has seen these in real life and can report back?

  2. Rob says:

    I’d think the main reason to not switch would be it’s easier to track in a straight line with fixed wheels.

  3. Brau says:

    My neighbour was wishing they had bought a model with turning wheels (like mine) just yesterday. I’ll definitely have to mention these to them. Good to see they thought to add the lock so it can also act like a normal fixed-wheel type. On sloped surfaces it’s a must. BTW: Anyone with back trouble will REALLY appreciate not having to do the “push-down-to-turn maneuver”. I know I sure do!

  4. Robert says:

    I checked out http://www.bestratedlawnmowers.com and picked up a John Deere riding mower. It has an amazingly small turning radius. It’s not a zero turn but it turns tight enough for me. I agree with your other readers that the kit looks like little casters that will bury into a soft lawn.

  5. Alvin says:

    I put a set of easy mow wheels on a 19 inch mower from walmarts. It manovers very well around trees and other objects, however you lose trimming from the front, for the wheels are closer together. Also the mower fills as if it doubled in weight, maybe because of the small diameter of the wheels, or the extra weight of the wheel kit, but for a small yard they may be ok. I would not purchase another set, but you be your own judge.

  6. Jack says:

    I wonder if these will mount on a Troy Bilt rear wheel drive 21″ variable speed mower? Can anyone tell me?

  7. Glenn McKeon says:

    I put a set of these on a Toro 21″ mower a number of years back. really helped for the turns and curves in the yard but I removed them for 2 reasons: I change the deck height of my mower occasionally and didn’t want to adjust these each time, and my yard has some sloped sections that I go across (as opposed to up & down the slope) and it was difficult to keep the mower tracking straight. Nice concept…just didn’t work for my particular application.

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