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Bit sets like this mitered door frame router bit set are a great reason why MLCS is always a good place to stop in and drool.  These look perfect for making panel doors, and you could always make your own pro-looking decorative picture or door frame in one pass with a single bit from the set.

This 1/2″ router bit is designed to work with table mounted routers, 2-1/2″ wide stock, and a recommended thickness of at least 3/4″. It’s carbide-tipped, and allows you to create trim projects for all over your home.  Combine this bit with the raised panel router bit to create highly decorative raised-panel doors that are usually the domain of high-end cabinet shops. 

Worried about the set’s $79 price tag?  Check the price of precut solid hardwood trim — that is if you can find any — and it’ll look a lot better.

Mitered Door Frame Router Bit Set [MLCS]


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  1. nrChris says:

    Forget the $79 price tag–that is a steal if compared to some of the raised panel kits out there. Plus, if you are going to use this with good results, you already have dropped big coin on a 2+ HP router and table…

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