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British Tools

Need a King Dick?  (Take you mind out of the gutter people!  I’m referring to the British tool manufacturer.)  British Tools & Fasteners has a plethora of tools  — made in England, of course — as well as fasteners in all Brit flavors such as British Standard Fine, British Standard Whitworth, British Standard Taper Pipe, Cycle Engineers Institute, and British Standard Brass to name just a few.

If own old British cars (like me), then you know all about trying to find correct fasteners state side.  Bookmark this site!

British Tools & Fasteners [Corporate Site]


5 Responses to Materials Source: British Tools and Fasteners

  1. jgb says:

    What British car have you? MGB driver here.

  2. A 1973 Land Rover series III SWB and a 1988 Range Rover 3.5.

  3. jgb says:

    Cool. Love the series Land Rovers.

  4. KMR says:

    Hooray for British Tools and British Cars! I’m a multiple TR6 owner, and owner of a company that does high end performance and race work on British sports cars.

  5. Fred says:

    Imagine my surprise when I found the leaking oil sending unit on my Nissan Pathfinder had a British Standard pipe thread. Everthing else on the car is metric but, that little historical anomaly goes back to the early days of Datsun when the Brits helped engineer Datsun’s first motors.

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