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BioCircle Parts washer

Parts washers are incredibly handy and essential for cleaning and de-greasing oily parts.  They’re also flammable, toxic, and caustic, and you have to change the nasty cleaning solution regularly — until now.  Microbial bacteria in Bio-Circle’s “Bioremediation” washer eat oil and grease and excrete water and oxygen, automatically renewing the non-toxic, water-based cleaning solution.

According to Bio-Circle, the bioremediation process has been in use for decades to clean up oil spills and decontaminate soil without further damaging the environment.  They simply adapted the process to address the similar problem of parts degreasing.

Bio-Circle’s cleaning solution — called Bio-Circle-L — contains the microbes while the washer heats the solution to the 105-degree temperature required to activate them.  The solution will continue to devour your grease, soot, wax, and so on as long as the machine remains plugged in or you allow it to completely clear the surface of oil before shutdown.  (The microbes can enter a “sleep” mode, but require oxygen to survive.)  All you need to do is top up the tank and empty the unit’s 3-stage filter that traps grit and other deposits.

Bio-Circle sells two models: the 40″ x 31″ x 40″ IO-400 which has a tank capacity of 26 gallons and can hold up to 440 lbs, and the smaller 32″ x 23″ x 41″ IO-200 with a 21-gallon tank which holds up to 220 lbs.  The only bad news is price.  The IO-200 starts around $1,500 and the IO-400 retails for a cool three grand.

But don’t forget to factor in the cost of your current unit’s daily or weekly fluid service.  And what price can you put on being good to your planet?

Bioremediation Parts Washer [BioCircle]

PS: It’s worth a trip to Bio-Circle’s website just to check out the Bio-Circle-L MSDS.  It’s easily the most bland MSDS we’ve ever seen for a cleaning solution.


5 Responses to An Environmentally-Friendly Parts Washer

  1. Chris Byrne says:

    Maybe it’s me… but it just seems like an environmentally friendly parts washer is kinda wrong…

  2. kythri says:

    $1500 is a wee bit too much to make me start caring about the environment – at least in this aspect.

    Don’t get me wrong – this sounds quite cool, from a technological aspect. Who wouldn’t want their own oil-eating bacteria?

    Of course, it’d be my luck that they’d mutate into oil monsters in my shop, and the next time I go out to work on something, I become food.

  3. Brian N says:

    I think if you believe in your health and the safety of ALL employees’ you will find the BioCircle parts washer the only alternative! Why question HOW it works? Question, DOES it work. Does it clean oil and greases? Yes. I can tell you that last year we bought our first BioCircle and now we have one in every department (7 machines in total). The reason we decided to use the BioCircle was because it cleaned the oil and grease off of our parts better than any other water-based system we have tried in the past and on the market today! Give them a call and try it out… I think you will be impressed!

  4. john says:

    brian N is absolutly for this bio-circle parts washer, it’s normal he’s a sale rep of bio-circle company (see on a web site http://www.biocircle.com sale rep for toronto GTA)

  5. We were turned onto Bio Circle from Vinnie of V Force Customs. They have one in their shop and allowed us to demo it. It really worked well. We now own 5 units. The trick of it is to get your employee’s to stay away with the brake clean and clean the filter after real heavy use. Very simple to use and not really expense in the long run.

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