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Kicking back to relax in an Adirondak chair is a thing of joy, but it’s even more fun when you built the chair yourself.  Now’s your chance: we found these easy-build plans over on the Popular Mechanics site.  They’re from the June 1999 issue so may be a bit dusty, but the Adirondak has been in style since Thomas Lee built the first one in 1903 so he could chill at his summer home.

The PM site walks you through all the steps, materials, and tools required.  They also include a kick-ass drawing of the chair that will help you through the tough spots — of which there are a few. 

But don’t worry; the payoff is worth it.   When you’re done you’ll not only have created a classic-looking piece of outdoor furniture, you’ll also have a great place to plant your butt and dream up your next project.

Adirondak Chair [Popular Mechanics]


6 Responses to Plans: A Classic Adirondak Chair

  1. Chris Byrne says:

    It’s a very nice chair, and you can’t argue with free; but Norms Adirondack is a bit better:


  2. Simon says:

    I think that those plans are what I found online to make a chair from signs:

  3. BarelyFitz says:

    1999 is old?

    Also, Amazon has used copies of “classics from the new yankee workshop” for less than $3.

  4. Clyde says:

    I was planning to make some ski chairs in this style and found plans online. But then I calculated time and extra materials (already have the skis) and it wasn’t going to happen soon. So I took the lazy way out and bought two of the Adirondak Chairs from Harbor Freight for $40 each. They’re made of white fir and have a nicer back than this one or Norms. Added some stain-varnish and they are great…the wife liked them so much that we got two more. The cost for 4 chairs was $160 but the time to assemble them all was 1 hour and then another couple hours for applying the finish. I’d have spent half that on lumber and wouldn’t be sitting in them for weeks so I figure I’m ahead.

  5. Complete and detail of your adirondack chair is very help us for build and make best construction for our furniture collection.

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