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Sadly, the Robo-Sander isn’t a contestant on Robot Wars (which would be very cool), but it is an attachment for your drill press that helps you accurately produce curved parts from wood.  Its sanding drum features a template guide system that works like a flush-trim router bit to trace your pattern piece.

It looks pretty easy to use: just adjust your drill press’ depth setting to hang the free-rotating guide wheel on the bottom of the sanding drum over your workpiece to ride on the pattern and sand away.  A variable-speed ‘press is a plus for this application, but the manufacturer says a single-speed will work just fine.

With the Robo-Sander you can shape parts that are way too thick to attempt with a router, and there’s no tear out — even with super curvy shapes.  Obviously this rig wouldn’t replace a good belt/disc sander, but it would make a great addition to them.

Oh yeah, it’s cheap, too.  Street pricing starts at $12.

Robo-Sander [Luthersfriend]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


4 Responses to Duplicate Curved Shapes With Your Drill Press

  1. Blind says:

    Out of curiosity, would a strip of tape along the bottom of the sanding drum work just as well (well, maybe almost as well. But at $12, this probably works just enough better to be worth it)? Also, wouldn’t it be preferred to have the original piece be on top with the piece that you are working on be on the bottom? I would think it would be a bit easier to shape then since you can go by both look and feel.

  2. jamesBrauer66 says:

    I’ve seen these, but always used a straight bit with a pilot bearing on the bottom in the router. This might be handy for smoothing out a routed piece without worrying about ruining a fair curve.

  3. mage2 says:

    Isn’t this like using the drill press as a mill, the problem being that the bearings on the drill press are not designed to take side to side forces and will wear more quickly and could fail?

  4. Ken Picou says:

    Thanks for your post on my Robo-Sander™ . Please take a look at my newest invention, the Luthier’s Friend™ Precision Sanding Station . (www.luthiersfriend.com). It is a very accurate thickness/pattern sander for the small shop guy . It fits on a drill press, features a micro-adjustable fence, and has nearly perfect dust collection . I will be at the Makers Faire in Austin , Hope to see you there …..Ken

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