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Need some corners, knobs, or handles to finish out a project?  MyKnobs.com is your friend, despite its, ahem, questionable name.  I always start my hardware search at the local big box stores, but when their modest selection doesn’t meet my needs, this is my next stop.  Let’s say you’re looking for a 19th century French-style hanging handle, or a set of freaky 6” aluminum pendant knockers.  That’s when you need MyKnobs.com’s 120,000 choices.

While they don’t offer the cheapest price on every single item listed, they’re generally not too out of line.  And the site has a handy, user friendly search that helps you find what you’re looking for — even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

And hey, if you get the chance, drop us a line with your favorite sources for project materials.  We’d love to make a new entry in our little black book of suppliers.

MyKnobs.com [Corporate Site]


3 Responses to Material Source: MyKnobs.com For Hardware

  1. Fong says:

    I’ve been looking for antique rocker ring pulls for an old carved wooden display cabinet off and on for nearly 3 years now with no luck. I had little hope for this site but actually found something that would work on the 3rd page. Thanks TM. My search is over.

  2. Brad Justinen says:

    I find goknobs.com to have a better selection

  3. fischer says:

    Horrible Customer Service. I was not informed that my order could bot be fulfilled, BEFORE, they shipped part of it. Have to pay the installers now twice because the4y have to come back for the second install, what if the second batch shipped does not match the first one, when one calls, they could care less, and a superviso4r is never available. The people cost me additional moneys because of the install and I was not given the option to possible chose another tile that was in full available.
    Numerous emails, numerous ph calls, they do not care, find another company to place your orders, I can absolutely NOT recommend them.

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