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Remember old-school Toolmonger that was all young, dumb and full of… vigor?  So do we.  Check out what we were discussing a year ago this week: 

  • Since we were tired of standing (and kneeling and squatting) around the shop — and we had a few tractor seats and broken office chairs lying around — we welded ’em up into some quick (and awesome) shop chairs, then posted a how-to to help you do the same.
  • We wrote about Smithy’s 3-In-1 metalworking tools — an easy way for the garage hobbyist to give machine work a try.  We’ll let you in on a secret: we have a very old Smithy in the TM shop, though it’s been so heavily modified that the manual doesn’t mean much any more.  Good stuff, if used correctly!
  • We previewed Milwaukee’s then-new V18 cordless line, which didn’t disappoint when it hit shelves months later.  In fact, we gave some V18 tools to a lucky winner who received ’em almost before they were available publicly.
  • We found Big Blue Saw, a company that’ll waterjet just about anything for you from a CAD drawing.  They’re still in our project Rollidex.
  • We first wrote about Black & Decker’s Workmate tables, a subject that’s still hot around these parts.
  • And we discovered the famous/infamous hot-dog-saving SawStop table saw.

Just wait ’till you see our take on this week — looking back in 2008!


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