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Greenlee’s new HKL-1232 crimping tool offers up (literally) tons of clamping force — twelve tons to be exact.  It’s a manually operated hydraulic crimper sporting a two-speed hydraulic pump that advances rapidly until it contacts the connector, then shifts to a lower speed to complete the crimp.  Wiring a main electrical box, or work on an oil rig?  This is for you.  For the rest of us, it’s just freakin’ cool.

It’s easy to use, too: just pump the handles until the relief valve located near the jaws pops open and indicates the crimp is complete.  Then to retract the ram, simply twist and close the movable handle.  The C-shaped head features a wide 1.3″ opening that fits easily over connectors, and the entire head rotates 180-degrees to cram into tight places.

It accepts all industry-standard U-style or shell-type dies designed for twelve-ton crimping tools, so no special Greenlee adaptors are needed.  That’s pretty thoughtful, considering you’re already wallet-light to the tune of around $1,300 after your initial buy-in.

HKL-1232 Crimping Tool [Greenlee]
Street Pricing [Google Prioduct Search]


4 Responses to Twelve Tons Of Green Crimping Fury

  1. Except for the green handles, that looks *exactly* identical, down to the handle-twist release mechanism, to the Thomas and Betts TBM14M tool which has been the telco standard for years. We call it the “turkey caller” because of the distinctive squeak the low-pressure valve makes when the high-pressure cylinder kicks in.

    It’s a niche tool, though. We use it for lugging large power cables — 350, 500, and 750MCM — and for applying H-taps to 1/0 and 4/0AWG aisle grounds. For everything smaller, the TBM25S has ya covered at a twentieth of the weight.

  2. I’d *LOVE* to have these but they’re just a touch outside of my budget. So, what I did was to get a 1 ton arbor press from HF and Brute Terminal Crimper. Put the Brute in the arbor and have at it. I’m on my second EV and so far so good.

    Brute Crimper:

    HF Press:

  3. TomCat says:

    Sorry boys, but on the oil rigs I work on, we use the Burndy 18 volt crimper, for as they say in Desparado, “It is easier to pull the trigger, than play the guitar.”

  4. chow says:

    please send the details or catalog for twelve toones green climping fuly to me tq

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