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Ever want to tell Bosch what new tools you’d like?  Here’s your chance.  One of our friends over at Bosch called us up and asked us to pass on a question to you, and since we have a lot to say about the matter — and know you do, too — we decided to oblige.  The question: What would you like to see in the Bosch 10.8V Litheon line?  Remember, Big Brother Bob (Bosch) is listening.

We’ll kick things off.  First of all, we love the 10.8V line.  The I-Driver, Pocket Driver, and Impactor are great tools.  We own one of each, and we use the crap out of ’em.  We hope that Bosch continues the line, as it fills a niche that no one else is addressing — at least not successfully.

But there are two tools we’d really like to see in the line, ASAP: a light and a mini-reciprocating saw.

Black & Decker’s Handisaw is a great deal at $40, but its usefulness is dramatically limited by its low-budget cost-cutting design.  We’d love to see a pro-level tool in this form-factor, and the 10.8V line is the perfect home for it.  Keep the general shape and jig-saw blades, but add removable li-ion performance and — most importantly — variable speed, and you’ve got a home run.

And we’d kill for a 10.8V-powered work light.  Hell, we’d buy one today.

I’m sure you’ve got even better ideas, so let us (and Bosch) know in comments.


32 Responses to Give Bosch An Earful About The 10.8V Line

  1. l_bilyk says:

    I agree with you guys 100%. Something like the B&D handisaw and a 10.8V light came to mind before I even finished reading your post. A small cordless rotary tool would be nice as well.

  2. BarelyFitz says:

    Release the gravity-rise miter saw stand already!

  3. Diddly says:

    The worklight should use a very bright LED, and have an adjustable angled head. The mini-reciprocating saw should have an adjustable foot to control blade depth. The other tool that would be useful is a right angle impact driver.

  4. I’ll second the light suggestion. I’ve been looking at what it would take to graft a big Luxeon and a Buckpuck onto a Bosch pack for some time. The giant 18v packs are overkill for a flashlight, but I want a battery that’s quicker to swap than a gaggle of loose AAs.

  5. Stefan says:

    I love the new 10.8 line, and I fully agree that an addition of a B&D Handisaw style tool would be amazing. I currently work as a carpenter, and even though i use the contractors tools on site for all the big projects, there’s times where if i need something quick that may be getting used by someone else at the moment I reach into my tool box and pull out either my 10.8 pocket driver, or my handisaw.

    The thing that gets to me about the handisaw is that it doesn’t have removable batteries, so i have to pick and choose when i use it on site, that and the fact that it requires almost 3 hours of charging, really means that when the charge is drained, I’m done using it for the day. If bosch could produce a similar product with a removable battery that would save the day for me and many of my co-workers.

  6. Troy says:

    I would love a small rotary tool, 1/4″ bit support, Kind of like a Li-ion Colt.
    It would need a nice wide base that could be removed for freehand work.
    Another one would be a Detail sander Kind of like the B&D Mouse only better quality and lots of attachments like the Fine. Just thinking of things I would actually use

  7. Troy says:

    Also I totaly agree with the Handisaw and the Light. I too would buy it today if it was available. Actually I would buy any of the above mentioned today if they were available.
    I Love My Pocket Driver, I use the hell out of it!!!

  8. Stuey says:

    Bosch released a lithium ion dremel a bit ago, but the consensus was that it stinks. Still, I’d like to see a pro level 10.8V dremel or rotozip.

  9. Simon says:

    I would also like to see a small reciprocating saw – one that takes standard blades and has a small shoe like the B&D one. LED headlight and air blaster for the cutline would be nice.

    I love my 10.8 driver but it really needs to have rubber bumpers on it for when you lay it down on scratchable surfaces. For installation work, it would be great. I added my own stick-on bumpers but it is half-assed.

    Radio/charger that also plugs into 12V would be nice also.

    Dremel style grinder would be nice although Dremel’s Li-Ion works quite well.

    I like the idea of a tiny sander if it can be random orbital.

    But really, another driver but with faster gearing and a small adjustable chuck for various small drill bits (say up to 5/8″) would be really useful.


  10. Crispy says:

    A chuck to go in the quick release socket of their pocket driver similiar to what Dremel has? I know this is more of an accessory but I really need a drill type chuck sometimes. Other than that another vote for the work light.

  11. Roscoe says:

    The cases being bundled with the 10.8Vs at Home Depot are a nice addition and would be good standard extras.

  12. Joe says:

    I wholeheartedly agree about the need for a mini-recip saw with an adjustable foot to control blade depth. I have the Handisaw and I really wish there was something out there that worked better. It’s a great tool for about 15 minutes, but the battery life and recharge time are so bad as to be almost useless. A better version would probably have a very good shot at replacing a spiral saw for me. Similar maneuverability with a lot less dust is a huge plus.

    I use the I-Driver on a very regular basis – it’s become my preferred tool for any small drill/driving work. The paddle handle is much more comfortable than a trigger-grip. My only complaint is that the pivot “knuckle” is too big to get into some really tight areas.

    Finally, one of my favorite tool accessories is the Milwaukee multi-bay charger. If you’re going to expand the 10.8v line, I’d want to see a charging station so that I could set up 2 or 3 batteries to charge while I’m working. The Li-Ion batteries are great, but if you’re working with multiple tools, sometimes two of them run out at the same time, and it’s a hassle to carry around 2 or 3 chargers.

  13. Will says:

    I agree on the recip saw. Would love to have a small, light saw I can use for those quick punches through the wall to fix some nasty plumbing problem…

    I use the impactor and the pocket driver all the time, and whenever I work at my datacenter, I use the i-driver extensively.

    I would like a chuck for the pocket driver as well – it’s frustrating trying to find a bit for the one stupid hole I have to drill or find the right hex-shank drill bit for a 5 second issue.

    I’d also suggest a small trim saw maybe with 2 batteries. I’m not cutting 4x4s, just a 2×4 or a piece of trim.

  14. My nominations:

    1. Compact, lightweight impact driver. I use my old Makita 6903 all the time, not so much because I need the power of impact, but because it’s easier to hold an impact driver on a screw from a weird angle. For instance, this allows me to drive more screws when up on a ladder without having to reposition, as I would with a regular driver.

    2. Rotary tool that can cut metal! Why can’t I find one of these, cordless or corded?

    3. Portable band-saw, like the famous Milwaukee line, but compact and cordless.

    I agree with all of the previous nominations, but especially want to support the multi-bay charger idea. That’s brilliant.

  15. Phillip says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with those before me:
    Drill with keyless chuck
    right angle drill or impactor
    Reciprocal/jig saw,
    Trim (circular) saw
    Multi-charger and automotive charger
    Rotary tool,
    power ratchet would be nice
    portable inflator would be very convenient
    compact rotary laser

    But, how about flexibility in how these are marketed ie combo kit or tool-only or “piece-at-a-time”.

  16. jim h says:

    My suggestions:
    Light – top priority
    Drill with keyless chuck – top priority
    right angle drill or impactor
    Reciprocal/jig saw,
    Trim (circular) saw
    Multi-charger and automotive charger
    Rotary tool
    power ratchet
    portable inflator
    compact rotary laser

  17. Dean says:

    In addition to the above-mentioned tools, I think a flush cutting saw like Roto-Zip attachment would be nice. Only, make it a stand-alone unit, maybe incorporating it into a trim saw design. While I’m thinking about it, could it have a detachable miter guide to make a saw you take to the piece of trim rather than taking a piece of trim to a regular bench-top miter saw? The idea of a saw that can replace a miter saw; small, portable, close at hand but out of the way for doing trim and flooring work, would save a lot of “up and down” trips to the standard miter saw. You could call it “The Short-Cut” because of all the steps it would save you.

  18. bc says:

    -The difference between the 10.8’s and all of the other tool lines… is the ability to appeal to women. THIS IS KEY. For instance if my girlfriend tried using a 10.8v finish nailer she would probably enjoy this… the DeWalts finish nailer at 8lbs is way too much to keep above ones head. At the end of the day this even kills my arms. So here are my thoughts:

    -Tools of the Trade rated the latest round of 18v drills and the Bosch’s grip was too large…
    -I feel that the 10.8’s are also too large. The new Panasonic 14.4 ion’s have the best grip barnone (better than the Makita ion/ DeWalt).
    -Tried the 10.8v drill and felt it was under powered/ too slow and returned it. (7.2 DeWalt was able to handle the job).
    -The case is lousy and too small.
    -None of the 10.8’s have a chuck… I cant use regular drill bits.
    -There is no onboard bit holder. (at least one on the top of the drill/ impact driver).
    -The new Makita hybrid would have sold me…but! it doesnt have a regular chuck…. my point is combine an impact driver/ hammerdrill together. It is lightweight. But it is very difficult to find hex bit masonry bits.
    -The new makita impact drivers in japan have oil in the hammer area so that the impact driver’s noise doesn’t drive you crazy).
    -None of the tools have a belt clip (like Makita’s or the new panasonic’s-I think this is a BIG deal). I hate wearing tool belts. A quick release neck strap wouldnt be a bad alternative to a belt clip.
    -No spot light or flourescent.
    -For the following comment: No such product exists and I would gladly buy it: There is no tiny miter saw or saw that can cut angles. A 50lb. miter saw is way too heavy for a simple 45 degree cut on shoe molding.
    -No cutting tools available.
    -They are not available as a pack or individually. I really like the idea of buying tools individually (battery packs/tools/chargers sold separately). The home depot rep said the Ryobi’s sell like crazy since ea. item can be purchased individually… no other tool maker does this.
    -Radio would be nice.
    -Needs an onboard battery indicator. (people are familiar w. red, yellow, green).
    -The prices are too high. ($200 for the Bosch PS-40 is way too much. I can buy a more powerful 14.4v Makita w. Drill, Impact driver and flourescent light for the same cost).
    -Combining 2 batteries into a more powerful tools isn’t a bad idea… you need the battery indicator for this. I don’t think this concept will be successfull (Versapack failed).
    -A new onboard light warning you … you have 1/3 charge left. Panasonic warns you…but way too late (when it becomes obvious the drill is almost drained).
    -a mini finish nailler would be interesting. The DeWalt 18v finish nailer is too heavy but fast and simple. The 18v makita nailer looks nice but is unavailable here …yet. A 10.8v nailer w. a belt clip would be really pleasant to use.
    -$49/ $99 very important psychological numbers.

  19. Kristian says:

    * Light, must have a built in hook or similar so it can be hung from stuff

    * Drill with small keyless chuck

    * Every tool to be available “naked” ie. without batteries and charger.

  20. I think there might be some misconceptions about how much power is really available in a 10.8v Li+ battery. The average 18650 cell (of which three are stacked in such a battery) is only rated at 2 amp-hours, the same as a recent NiMH AA and about double that of an average NiCd AA. 10.8 volts times 2 amp-hours gives 21.6 watt-hours.

    Compare to an average 18-volt pack made of 3-AH NiMH cells, which comes out to 54 watt-hours, and you have to accept that a tool built around the lithium pack will be very light and small, but decidedly underpowered, compared to the beast you’re used to.

    There are basically two types of cordless tools: Those for which the battery is overpowered and the tool could be much lighter, and those for which any reasonable-sized battery is inadequate and are always wanting more power. Drills, saws, and ratchets are in the latter category, and I don’t think they’re good candidates for this particular battery system. The small screwdriver and flashlight, though, are definitely in the first category. Where a quarter-inch spiral saw fits on the scale is a good question, but I think of them as pretty power-hungry, and they run a relatively long duty cycle. It’s a question best answered by Bosch themselves, but I’m not sure a spiral saw built for this battery system would have adequate performance.

  21. steven says:

    as a professional who prefers cordless tool what I need are cordless tool lines that have saws, that is what this new generation of battery line are missing entirely, I only need two drills, but i need 3 or more saw (circular, jib and sawsall) anything else is great i love flashlight but f__k any tool like that lack any or all of those tools. that is my stance as a tool owner and professional and that is why i have not purchased any of the new battery lines.

  22. John says:

    i driver needs to be tightened up (chuck connection wise)
    wobbley when drilling or countersinking for screws.
    plus, if you are going to exclaim about the short rightangle setup
    then make 1.5″ powerbits available other than the two that
    come with the driver. Otherwise you will only find 2″ powerbits.
    The bits you need at 1.5″ are 1 and 2 phillips; 1 and 2 robertson.

  23. mmillerus says:

    Bosch now has a 10.8V Li work light. You get it free with any Bosch 10.8 tool purchase at Home Depot. It uses a standard incandescent bulb, which I just don’t understand. LED light is so much better, and with 10.8V Bosch should be able to crank out some serious light with an LED. Anyway, it’s here for those who want it. Me, I’ll stick with my little MAG LED. Still waiting for Bosch’s 10.8v answer to the B&D Handisaw. That would be perfect. Would also love to see a small RO sander for little quick jobs.

  24. Ian says:

    I concer with the replies above, all useful items, the light, the saw, and a dremel or rotozip type device. The light must be LED. And the

    I also would like to see the standard 10.8 charger reduce in size! For a small poratble kit, the charger is way too big, and seems to have alot of space and free air inside. This would make the useful carry case even better, as there would be more space for other tools. I realise the charger is built this way to allow aircooling, but the shape could have been thought out better, it is not clear why it is the shape it is.

    I also think that perhaps an adaptor so two or three 10.8 batteries could be used in the 18v line. I often drill with the 18v tool, and screwdrive with the 10.8, and this would reduce the amount of kit I need to carry.

    Or perhaps a multi charger that can charge all the Bosch batteries (one at a time of course!)

    Also, I notice that the UK chuck is a magnetic one, and in Asia it is a pull back shank type. I prefer the shank type as it seems studier, and prevents drills with 1/4 shank from pulling out when they jam in the workpiece. Can this be changed as an after market item?

    otherwise, the 10.8 volt line is excellent, and a real revealation when i got my first one. I now await further releases with baited breath!

  25. erik says:

    I just found a Bosch 10.8v LED light sold in England, but I can’t find anything about it in the US:


  26. Doug Garver says:

    I’m a huge fan of the ps line. I have a ps20 and use many times a day. It helps keep the weight of the tool bag at a minimum. I also carry a dewalt 18v impact drill in the van for the occasional bolting/unbolting job. It would be great to get a ps40 to do both jobs, however there is no way to turn off the impact. Another tech has broken a few screws and (rather) expensive ceramic stove / oven parts trying to do this with his. Would it be possible to make the impact optional on the ps40?


  27. Perry says:

    Thanks to Erik. I bought the European LED 10.8 LED Flashlight (Torch) no batteries included. Two in fact. $93.00 for both with shipping and Euro conversion off Ebay. A totally cool dude to do business with and an awesome product. Also I bought from Lowes an LED conversion lamp for the US style 10.8 flashlight which comes included with the drill. I think it’s made for a Maglite. It’s been dropped several times, the lamp is an awesome alternative to the standard cheap OEM bulb!

  28. Ray says:

    A mini saw using t shank jig saw blades would be great.
    A rotary tool would be nice as well if you have other ps tools so the batteries match.
    layout tools like laser levels would be good.
    Possibly a 4 3/8″ wormdrive trim saw?
    A mini angle grinder along the same size as one of the smaller pneumatic grinders.
    Cordless staple gun
    Power chisel

  29. jay says:

    I am the owner of both the driver and impact. I am extremely pleased with both tools, and am eagerly avaiting the addition of more tools in this line, particularly a 10.8 reciprocating saw. I really hope Big Bob is paying attention and gives us what need. I also own more than a dozen Makita Lith ions, but I love the size to power ratio of my Bosch.

  30. erik says:

    Perry you’re welcome. Why Bosch doesn’t release the LED light in the US is beyond my comprehension…. A poor marketing decision….The US-release flashlight, while useful, is a bit big and not the same high quality as the drills that it comes with. Bosch, if your listening, get a clue….

  31. Ryan says:

    A radio would be awesome!

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