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Skil’s new 1560 3-1/4” hand held planer looks like it was designed by Cadillac’s auto designers — you know, the “faceted” crowd.  But despite the over simple appearance, it looks like handy gear to have around the shop.

Interestingly, it looks to us like the 1560 might be a US version of the 1560 that’s been sold in the UK for a while now.  The UK version delivers similar specs, but (of course) is designed for UK power specs. 

The new planer’s 5.5A motor spins its blade 16,000 no-load RPM, and the 1560 features an adjustable front handle for a comfy grip.  Additional features: an 11-position depth control knob and attachable chip bag.

We look forward to hearing more about the 1560 as it makes its way onto shelves soon.

Model 1560 3 1/4″ Planer [Skil]


One Response to Preview: Skil’s Model 1560 3-1/4″ Planer

  1. Frank Walker says:

    If you are new to hand planers (I am) the owners manual says nothing about leveling the blades. Fortunately I purchased this tool at a local Lowe’s and together we figured out how to level the blades. I purchased this model because of the front handle and I am glad I did.
    Other planers force you to hold the depth adjuster which can be moved inadvertently.
    It has an on board wrench for blade replacement (very convenient). The chip bag doesn’t seem to be very efficient but that may be because I am using the tool sideways.

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