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TM reader and photo pool member Sir Realist began posting photos of his bronze studio today, and we’re hoping that posting this one will encourage him to post some more — including some of him at work!

In fact, we’d be grateful if he could stop by here at Toolmonger and share a bit with us about getting started in bronze work as it’s something we’ve always wondered about but with which we have exactly zero experience.

And if you get a chance, sign up with Flickr, join the Toolmonger group, and share some pics of your current projects, tools, or even your shop.  We’ll keep an eye out for ’em!


One Response to From The Flickr Pool: A Bronze Studio

  1. BJ Clark says:

    I also do bronze and I just added some photos from one of my projects I did with my fiance. It’s 650lbs, was poured in 54 pieces, and it took 4 months of 12+ hours days for 2 people to finish.
    I’ve got basically a step by step here:

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