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Delta tool owners — both novice and intermediate — can sign up for Deltla’s “owner registration program” and receive free woodworking plans.  As you can see from their image above, the plans may be somewhat random in nature but the idea here is to keep you coming back, so they do try to send something interesting.

Unlike the X-Men Mutant Registration Program, this doesn’t involve an ankle bracelet and a chase team (because you just happen to have large steel claws that shoot out of your knuckles or can kill people with your brain), but you do have to give up your mailing address for some Delta spam.  That said, I have seen some of the plans that Delta ships out, and it might be worth a bit-o-junkmail to get, for example, full plans for a kick-ass table.

Delta Plan Deals [Delta]


4 Responses to Cough Up Your Secrets, Get Free Plans From Delta

  1. Leslie says:

    Actually, even though I am a Delta tool owner, you don’t have to be in order to register – they don’t ask anything about what tools you own.

  2. Russ Philipp says:

    I have several old Delta books that contain plans. These are great books and are usually available on Ebay. Although some of the projects are a little dated they are still a good resource for any shop. Hope these new plans will be just as good.

  3. Russ Philipp says:

    After Registering and taking a look at the site it appears that alot of those plans came out of the old books I referred to in the previous post. I’m a little disappointed although I found 3 plans that did interest me.

  4. l_bilyk says:

    Signed up, thanks

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