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Skil’s recently posted a well-thought-out how-to article on creating a nice cedar grill cart by Skil resident project expert Ray Travers.  As avid “outdoor chefs” (read: we like to sit around the grill with a beer), we can attest to the usefulness of a grill cart like this one.  And as an added bonus, Ray shares quite a bit of information about Skil’s not-yet-releases X-Bench portable workstation.

The cart is quite simple to build, requiring only basic tools, and the article includes PDF plans to get you started quickly.  If you’ve got a small-ish grill without side tables — or you grill large meals — this would make a great first project with practical results.

Tile-Top Cedar Cart [Skil]


5 Responses to How To Build A Tile-Top Cedar Grill Cart

  1. Buck says:

    Why is there a bag of charcoal on the table when it’s sitting next to a gas grill?

    And now that cart is on my list of weekend projects. At my current rate I will build it sometime in 2019.

  2. Fred says:

    The gas is used to start the charcoal?

  3. l_bilyk says:

    What is an X-bench?

  4. Charlie says:

    In the most recent copy of “Handy” I’ve received, they detail a project on how to build a better looking grill cart than what that thing is. Cedar boards, tile top, and everything. Except it has doors and a drawer instead of the workbench-like shelves.

  5. Buck says:

    X-Bench at Amazon:

    It’s not out yet, which is why I think you can’t find it on the Skil site. It looks interesting, except for that upside-down jigsaw thing, which looks downright terrifying.

    Thanks for the tip, Charlie, I’ll look for that.

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