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I’ve wanted one of these ever since reading about them in Sean’s great post on new vs. old-school tools.  Yeah, they’re not as good as the new Stanley levels, but I have a new Stanley level.  I don’t have a #96.  But since I’m low on discretionary cash right now, I’m going to pass this find on to you.

Mr. Peabody (from somewhere in New England) currently lists the #96 picture above as:

“A 28″ long model with three laminations, never abused or altered, both vials original and functioning… Expected dings and scuffs from careful use and never retrofitted with a hang hole.  A nice one.”

Bidding’s currently at a very-low $10.50, but he just listed it.  There are six days left on the auction.  Good luck.

Nice Stanley #96 Rosewood Level [eBay]


2 Responses to eBay: A Stanley #96 Rosewood Level

  1. Russell says:

    You know, I think an ambitious woodworker could make their own heirloom level without too much difficulty.

    I wonder on the best choice of wood though… Something that is dense and doesn’t expand whatsoever.

  2. phil brown says:

    i have one that i’m trying to find a new vile for. Anyone know were a guy can find one??

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