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Tired of your crap “disappearing” from the work trailer while you’re out on site?  Screw DeWalt’s SiteLock base station into a corner of the office, add a few of their wireless sensors around each room, and you’ve got a fighting chance.  The SiteLock not only sets off an alarm when triggered, it also uses the two-way wireless data system built into current cellular networks to notify you via a pocket-sized monitoring device — so you can run back to the office and kick some thief ass.

The base unit includes a built-in motion sensor as well as the master keypad for the system.  It communicates with additional sensors via a 900 MHz spread-spectrum link and can operate for around eight hours on its internal battery alone.

The only bad news is the price: street pricing starts around $1,000 for the base unit.  A variety of sensors are available, ranging from additional motion sensors to cable locks and door/window contact sensors.  But hey — security comes at a price, right?

SiteLock Portable Security System [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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