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If you’ve been waiting for pricing on Bosch’s PS20 “Pocket Driver” to hit bottom, your wait may now be at an end.  This morning we discovered the PS20-2 kit for $107.35 at Toolup.com.  (It shows $113 — also a good deal — but discounts to the lower price when you add it to your cart.)

With 80 in-lbs of torque and enough run time to drive 100+ 3″ screws in a single charge, the PS20 re-defined the small-driver category when Bosch introduced it last year.  We selected it as a winner in Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2006, and we loved it when we got our hands on one here at TM

And hey, if you’re too cheap to spend $108 on one — and we totally respect that — Amazon has factory-reconditioned models for $100.

PS20-2 Pocket Driver [Toolup.com]
Reconditioned Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Bosch’s PS20 “Pocket Driver” For $108

  1. Crispy says:

    That makes me want to buy a second one just because. I bought my first one for a full $140 and to me its been worth every penny.

  2. Toolaholic says:

    This little tool is packed with power and is great to take up the ladder without any problems.

  3. It’s even cheaper now: $98.10 after you add it to your cart! Can’t wit to get ahold of it.

  4. Wow wish this drill was around when I was house building.Incredible is the only way to describe it.IT will outlast most drills in the 14 volt range. I was on my first battery,my buddy changed his I still had enough juice for another hour and we both ran the same amount of screws.yesterday I drilled Three 3/8 holes in 3 inch cement I wouldnt do this often but its nice to know you can do what the big boys do if you have to.IF your a builder or drywaller this is a must have.Bosch has a real winner here

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