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LR Nelson Heavy-Duty Fireman's Style Twist Nozzle

Forget plastic fireman hats: reconnect with your inner child with this LR Nelson “fireman’s-style” twist nozzle.  Amazon is listing it right now for $10 — down from the $13 for which we normally find it.  Besides fireman coolness, it delivers up to 300% more water flow than crappy standard nozzles and adjusts from a gentle shower to a powerful jet stream.  It’s also supposedly “unbreakable,” though most Toolmongers know that really means “pretty durable.”

LR Nelson Fireman Nozzle [LR Nelson]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: A Fireman’s-Style Hose Nozzle For $10

  1. Dave R says:

    I own this and it worked great for about 4 months. It was by far the best nozzle I ever used. Then it broke. One day it just started leaking in the middle of using it. I guess it is unbreakable only if you don’t use it. Mine leaks water between the black and yellow parts and is completely unusable.

  2. Eric Moore says:

    I can promise you that this thing is not UNBREAKABLE!!! I’m a firefighter and honestly…it’s not that cool. We had someone give our station one and it lasted about 6 weeks. It’s just not heavy duty enough. We wash trucks and fire boats everyday as well as our own personal trucks all the time. We came out much better with a heavy duty standard nozzle for a garden hose. These style nozzles are def something i would not recommend buying for more than $5.

  3. Mel says:

    Same design (but all black) is available from Harbor Freight for $7.99

  4. Roscoe says:

    This is the one you want: http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_326621_326621

    It’s big enough to use with larger hoses and really puts the water down. We’ve used ours with 4″ pumps, hydrant meters, etc.

  5. Bowen says:

    We’ve gone through a ton of these at the kennel I work at part time. With the ham-fisted school kids we have working weekdays, these things last two, three weeks tops.

    They always break in the centre, leading to weird spray patterns, massive leakage and water all over the place. I personally just jam a biro tube into the hose, makes for a nice concentrated jet ideal for blasting the dog poop residue off of rough concrete!

  6. Brad Justinen says:

    my dad has one of these……a pressure washer is the only thing that beats it.

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