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I’ve seen these up near the checkout counters the last few times I was in Lowe’s, and I really wonder if they’re worth the cash.  We have a tremendous bug problem right now in Texas, so anything that’d drive ’em away for a cookout or outdoor party would really make a difference.  But $60-$75 is a lot to spend.

Do any of you have experience with these?  Let us know in comments.

Propane-Powered Insect Fogger [Black Flag]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


82 Responses to Hot or Not? Black Flag’s Propane-Powered Bug Fogger

  1. mstudley says:

    If mosquitoes are the problem why not just setup a DIY ‘mosquito magnet’. Take a 5g bucket and stick a big chunk of dry ice in there and fill halfway with water. Place it in a corner of your yard where you wouldn’t mind the fog it produces and let the mosquitoes flock over there.

    Heck of a lot cheaper than this product (although not quite the same) and worlds cheaper than the propane drive mosquito magnet which does essentially the same thing.

    • DarrnB says:

      Sometime When I used this I’ll mix some diffuser oil or citronella oil with lemongrass and citronella essential oil. Although this will act more as a mosquito repellent then killer

  2. Waylan says:

    Haven’t use one so I can’t say, but I did notice it is NOT included among the products with a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ [1] from the manufacturer. However, you can extend the warranty for a full year for free [2] if you register within 30 days of purchase. Not sure if that’s a year total or a year in addition to an existing warranty.

    [1]: http://www.blackflag.com/guarantee.php
    [2]: http://warranty.thefountainheadgroup.com/

  3. jamesBrauer66 says:

    I’m partial to, and somewhat fascinated with, Purge III. Only licensed for use from a dispenser, but it drops bugs out of the sky. It is hardcore bug killer. I put one over the back door and we have bug free meals out there. Put one over the trash can in the garage as well. Mostly good for skeeters and flys.

  4. PeterP says:

    I have used an electric version fo the same product, and it was at least a little effective. I’m not sure about the years removed from my life by standing in a large cloud of toxic smoke, though.

    You might consider, instead of this, getting one of those cheap fog machines from party City/Target/etc. They work on the same principle and if you got a timer you could set it up to do a periodic burst and give you long term coverage, instead of occasionally having to get up and re-fog. I’ve never tried it, but it should work…

  5. I’ve used them before a big outdoor party and they work great. They are especially useful if you have a lot of weed/underbrush/ivy, etc where massive amounts of mosquitos hide out.

    Plus pumping out massive amounts of smoke reminds me of my childhood chasing behind the anti-mosquito DDT smoker trucks that use to drive through the Southeast.

    The huge downside is that it also nukes all the spiders and good insects that share the same habitat. I’m looking forward to trying the hormone attractant water trap thing next spring to stop the breeding cycle before it gets heavy.

  6. Eric says:

    I’m not sure I’d trust sending bug juice through a halloween fogger, health risks might outweigh the price difference

  7. Mel E. says:

    Works great in nothern michigan in summer. Have had good results in making a bug free vacation by using it in the early am with the wind still and at dusk. Does have the downside of killing everything, but if it is only for occasional use….

  8. TMIB_Seattle says:

    We used to use these for concerts in small venues. If you use Roscolux fog juice in them they work great as a party fogger. Back then you could pick these up for under $50.

    Of course if you do that, you need to use one that has *never* had bug killer in it.

  9. Leslie says:

    Another “bike behind the DDT truck” kid here; I’m never quite sure if it’s that smoke that killed so many of my brain cells, or the stuff I encountered in college in the mid-70’s…

    That said, I’ll pass on something like this, for two reasons: I definitely don’t want to get rid of the beneficial bugs, and if I’m going to be outside long enough to warrant this, my granddaughters are likely to be with me and DDT truck from my youth nonwithstanding, I’m not willing to subject them to this. I’ll just keep up with trying to elminate as much breeding territory as I can, and use the topical poisons when we must.

  10. Blind says:


    Could just do something like that too. Much cheaper and less need to refill with ice

  11. Greg says:

    When I was a kid at camp a guy used to fog the campsite in the evening with a thing that looked like a chainsaw motor with a long exaust pipe. The Mosquito juice was pumped into the hot exaust and it made fog.

    Enter my fogger … my lawn mower.

    I have an oil can with a flexable hose. Cut off the tip and insert it into a 3 ft. piece of copper tube. Get a hose clamp the size of the oil can and a smaller one to join the can onto the lawnmower. Drill a hole into the muffler twice the size of the copper tube. Anchor the tube down to the mower cuz it will blow out of the hole. Fill the can with Mosquito juice, fire the mower and pump the juice out of the can. Great fogger. Fire the fog into the bottom of a bush or hedge and let it rise and vanquish the biting foe.



    One small problem I’ve found is the pressure of the exaust tends to push the juice back up the copper tube which makes you have to pump harder to get it down the tube. To solve this I was going to put a football infating needle on the end of the copper tube and give that a try.

  12. Jeff Nicolaus says:

    NOT HOT !!! Burned and bitten,looking for my reciept,bought it at lowes,tried and tried,kept thinking maby it was in the wrist,BULL THE PRODUCT STINKS

    • Kenneth says:

      you are absolutely right. Bought 4 different Burgess propane foggers …. had only one that lasted through 5 refills … the rest stopped working after 2 or 3. Waste of money … real garbage.

  13. mud bucket says:

    I too have used the electric model of this dating back to the 60s, and never have had any problems with that.

    My electric”disappeared” during a move a few years ago, and I may have to check one of these out, as the property now precludes convenient use of a cord.

  14. Tonyv says:

    I had mine for 2 years don’t know if the “juice” that comes with it actually kills anything but it fogs.

    the trick is let it warm up 3-5 minutes when done fogging let stand alone 5 minutes make dure it’s done “spitting” cause if it cools with any juice in it it will clog and it will be done.

  15. Don Kay says:

    This “fogger” is a wonderful tool, fogs great, and in campgrounds when the bugs are out, no-one around complains of excess fog running through their site! Yet there is a problem that I am sure “Black Flag” is aware of. After some use, it leaks like a sieve!! I say “Black Flag” is aware of, on the front of my operators manual, it states: Do not return to retailer with problems, call “BF”! Something to consider when purchasing. I wish they would take care of this, in my area, it sells for $70.

  16. Kevin B says:

    I got it to actually start/light and fog – once. The starter/ignition switch on this thing is a jok. One use for $65… waste of money.

  17. al frank says:

    use mine all last summer sells here home depot for less then forty found juice is expensive but use it eveynight and i stay bug free
    cough cough hac hac such is life “jsut so u no”

  18. Phill C says:

    i’m on my second Black flag fogger, i returned the first one after it started leaking out of the bottom and they gave me a replacement. my second fogger was only used a half dozen times in 2008, i just got it out of the shed and poured in the bug killer to do some fogging and again it’s leaking out the bottom. so i just spent $12-15 on fogger juice and can’t use it. i’ll be damned if i’ll buy another espically at that price. i stored the fogger with the resevior empty, i only put black juice in the fogger. i’m currently trying to find info about this problem on the net. good luck, i’d buy a different brand maybe one with a screw on resevior. the fogger did help keep down the mosiquitos

  19. Robert C says:

    I own one of these foggers and it works just fine. I have used foggers various times for fogging campsites for the Cubscouts and Church shelter areas before cookouts. These foggers provide severals days of relief from small flying insect problems so you don’t have to spray the day of the party or event.

  20. Mpedonovan says:

    WHEN the thing works, it works awesome, but generally speaking, it’s a poorly made product… one that I highly recommend. In a nut shell, there’s a combustion chamber that gets super hot from burning propane, then you squirt a solution (by pulling a trigger) into a metal coil that goes around the hot center. The solution atomizes and comes out as a fine mist (fog, not smoke). My first one would not stay lit – the slightest wind would blow out the flame. My second one would stay lit and super hot, but the trigger would not pump any bug juice out. On my third one now and it works AWESOME (other than it leaks juice). Poorly made, but a great idea. If you’re desperate like me, buy one and test it out right away – keep returning them until you get one that works. It should stay lit without any fuss, and pump huge amounts of fog with ease. READ THE DIRECTIONS. You can only pull the trigger every two seconds. Make sure you let it warm up and WARM down properly. Good luck. Death to skeeters!!!

  21. mechelle says:

    I bought a black and decker fogger at a yard sale and would like some instructions on use and cleaning.

  22. craig says:

    Just bought the electric version today at Home depot because the mosquito control guys said this would help with their “poor” spraying. Got home and the unit doesn’t heat up so NO FOG and the damn mosquitoes are eating me alive (I think I heard some small laughter from the mosquitoes). Going back tomorrow to get a replacement. I sure hope I’m doing the right thing…..In 5 years my physician will declare me brain dead from using one of these units….once again the insects rule and humans drool!!!

    • David says:

      I agree Jim, it works great. BUT don’t but the replacement. It is not the same quality.
      I iassure you, you will be very dissapointed with your second purchase. You apparently got a good one, same as I did for my first purchase. Mine lasted 3 years. Had no problem buying the second (lasted 3 months), begrudgnely bought a 3rd (dead in the box), my 4th died today after 6 months. Tired of wasting my money on what USED to be a good product. Now it is total piece of junk. BlackFlag has gotten the last of my money.

  23. jim says:

    Works Great!!!!! If any one says different they don’t own one…… I love mine, 3 years
    and countless 9.95 jugs of juice…. Worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!! I can sit outside when ever I want.. ALL the bugs are DEAD and I spray my foundation with other bug killers.

  24. Peggy Weatherford says:

    My brother bought one and swears by it. I’m on my way today to purchase one for myself. As the guy stated earlier “Death to Skeeters”!!!

  25. jamielarue says:

    I bought a black flag fogger and took it back the next day. I had been using the burgess fogger for years but Home Depot and Lowes don’t handle them anymore, so I ordered two on the internet. They put out about 10 times as much fog as the Black Flag fogger. The Black Flag goes pssst and the Burgess goes whhooossseee. Lots of fog.

    • gord burden says:

      I have had a Burgess propane machine for 8 eight years and it still works great. Good quality and easy to use.

  26. Royal says:

    I have had two and they suck. The pumps don’t hold up and I never got over a season out of them. I can not seem to find the leathers for the pump and it is frustrating. You need them when the bugs are there and not torn apart on your work bench.

  27. texas says:

    The black flag foggers do work, however, we have to purchase on each year. Each one we own we eventually have to light with a match, they have all leaked, the pump handle broke on one, the latest one won’t stay lit.
    So, I am trying to find a new brand. Any suggestions? Anyone use a Burgess? Amazon sells them for around 65.00

  28. Jack Pihl says:

    need to know how to get parts for the Model #190095
    Black Flag Fogger, need pump/O’rings

  29. Greg says:

    The Black Flag Fogger is NOT good. First year it worked great but the next year it would not stay lit.

  30. philip says:

    This product DOES work. You need to understand the science behind it though. This is NOT a bug killer. This IS a bug repellent. People think that just using it once is enough to do the trick-but they are disappointed. When you start using this, you need to use it every other day for the first week. Then about every 3 days for the second week. About every 4 days on the third week and about once a week after that.

    The fogger will drive the mosquitos away to reproduce somewhere else (like your neighbor’s yard) and until you break the reproductive cycle of the bugs in your own yard you will still have mosquitos. It takes about 2-3 weeks of fogging to accomplish this. But after that you just need to maintain the repellent once a week. I was completely bug free last year and loved it. My neighbor, on the other hand, could not even go outside!
    This product is not the best quality, but I have not seen anyone else put out a better one yet for a “residential use.”

  31. MWHALEN says:

    This is a great machine that performs well above expectations. (My home backs up to a swamp)

    I have recommended it to “dozens” of friends with a warning–buy three of them as they are so poorly made it usually takes 3 to get through a summer. Either the pump for the solution will not work or the flame gets to low to heat the solution.

    I am an engineer and “handyman” and have not been able to repair them–but they are good as long as they work.

  32. Sc resident says:

    This fogger worked well the first year. After that it didn’t spark up again. What a waste of money.I tried several trouble shooting techniques, but no justice. This black fogger not a good fogger.

  33. INichols says:

    I’ve had to take mine apart a couple of times. When it plugs up you can run a air compressor with small blower to blow thru from the tip to the pump control. You need to push the pump up so air can go thru. My problem is that the black flag crap doesnt get rid of the mosquitos. Reading these posts I see that you have to break the life cycle. I would rather have a product that just plain kills mosquitos

  34. James says:

    If the fogger gets stopped up, will not pump. Stick it in a jar of dish water. The soap breaks the dried insecticide down. Let it sit in the soap for a few minutes. Then pump away till the soap squirts out. Then unscrew the tip and run a pipe cleaner down the tube. Then put the thing back together and spray. I did this and it fogs better than when I brought it home from home depot. Swoosh lots of fog.

  35. Kevin Aylward says:

    I bought one of these when we used to spend time at my brother’s “beach place” camper. It is on property that is located within hundreds of acres of marsh, so there was no shortage of biting insects. I thought it was a pricey gamble until I used it the first time. It worked great when used properly.
    A few things you need to remember when using one of these:
    You will want to treat the area to be occupied, a few hours prior to use. The effects last for a full day or more. Don’t even think about using this tool once you occupy the area, or put out food/drinks/tableware/utensils etc.
    It works by turning the oil based insecticide into smoke by exposing it to extreme heat within the coil. As you can imagine, there will be a residual amount of the insecticide remaining on whatever is exposed to it. You will not want any living thing that you care about to be exposed to the smoke it produces. DON’T BE STUPID ENOUGH TO USE THIS THING ON A PET OR PERSON, AND NEVER INSIDE A BUILDING OR STRUCTURE! It is designed to treat an outdoor environment.
    PREHEATING THE UNIT IS MANDATORY! Otherwise, the liquid insecticide remains a liquid, and simply spurts out the delivery end as a stream of warm/hot liquid. Once hot, a slow steady application of pressure on the pump trigger works best. Once the thing really gets good and hot, you will find that you can pump the trigger a bit harder and faster. At this point, it will produce a LOT of smoke, and will saturate large areas very quickly.
    Used properly, it will produce a large quantity of insecticidal smoke! This smoke is meant to kill living things! You, and your pets, are also a living things! STAY UPWIND (the smoke should drift away from you) OF THE APPLICATION AREA WHILE APPLYING SMOKE. Too much of a breeze will render the application ineffective. The fog has to be able to drift over, and permeate the lawn, shrubs and areas to be treated.
    DO NOT BREATH THE SMOKE! KEEP PETS OUT OF APPLICATION AREA UNTIL THE AREA HAS SETTLED AND VENTILATED COMPLETELY! I cannot stress this enough. This stuff will make you sick (at best) if you breath it. It is relatively harmless once it settles and dries.
    While fogging, point the nozzle toward the ground and other areas in slow sweeping motions, and be sure to completely saturate bushes, grass, flower beds, under decks, sheds and structures and up into tree foliage with the smoke. Saturate the entire area to be occupied. Be sure to extend the treated area well beyond the area you will occupy.
    I swear by this product. It is the most effective insect treatment I have ever found!

    • Joanna says:

      Exactly. I’ve used a Burgess and have had two Black Flags. I live in SW Florida (mosquito haven) and this either is killing them or driving them over to someone else’s yard. Only problem is the BF models tend to leak at times. Better than my $500 Mosquito Magnet. It did nothing but use propane.

  36. Susan says:

    I saw my neighbor put his out on the street to be collected as garbage. I waited until dark and grabbed it!LOL It actually had propane and insecticide in it. Problem was the trigger you pull to release liquid was not working. My son fixed it in about ten minutes and I have used it now for about a year. My mother(86), and I work in the yard often and I have six grandchildren that visit regularly. When I fog front and back yard,(approx.3/4 acre), we have no problems with mosquitoes. I also took it camping with us and it worked great there too. It has made our time outside stress and DEET free as far as those “icky biting flying bugs” go.
    ………..But now I have a problem with getting the fogger to “light up.” If my son can’t fix it, I will be making a trip to purchase one. I don’t know how long my neighbor had used it before he threw it out but, I think it will be well worth the money.

  37. John says:

    I had mine for 3-4 years it worked great up till now it appears to be clogged. I haven’t tried to repair it yet but I am very satisfied with it.
    I have a large back yard with a lot of shrubs, and a pond that my wonderful son bought me for father’s day a couple of years ago. He did install it but has never been by when it needs to be cleaned
    If I need to replace it I will, but not at the $70 price tag

  38. Bruce says:

    This thing is garbage. It worked fine once. The second time it took about 40 pushes to start. After that it would start at all!!! This product is going in the garbage where it belongs as does the company that makes it. Smarten up and give the customer what they paid for.

  39. sonia says:

    How do you turn it off?

  40. David says:

    When it works it works great. Problem is, the quality is junk. Years ago I bought one and it lasted 3 years of near daily use. I have bought 3 in the last year, the third just quit today. Tired of spending up to $80.00 on a tool that only works a short while. If you are going to fog, don’t waste your money of this peice of S**T.

  41. Keith says:

    I have been using mine for a couple of months. So far, I love it. We have a backyard the mosquitoes love, with lots of trees and shrubs and a wooden deck (they love the undersides of decks). Every Friday night or Saturday morning I pump this under the deck and into the shrubs and we are bug free through Sunday.

    We love to eat outside, and it used to involve spraying everyone with bug spray, lighting coils and citronella candles, etc. and still we would get bitten. Since I started using this I haven’t put on bug spray once and have only seen two mosquitoes all spring.

    People mention the ignitor wearing out. It is true, it doesn’t always work too well. But, I keep a lighter outside for my grill and just light it that way if it doesn’t light when I push the button.

  42. Marc Redding says:

    Don’t waste your $$ on ANY of Blsck Flags junk!!! Buy a a Burgess!! They are the best!! Also, for the bug killer liquid for the fogger, buy Bonide Flying Insect Fog Mosquito Beater. At one time, Burgess used to make their own fogging solution, not sure what happened to that, it worked the best!! But Bonide works just as well also. But yes, avoid the Black Flag fogger AND the Black Flag fogger solution!! Both are worthless!! Only buy a Burgess if you want a fogger that will work well and last!! I have had my Burgess Propane Fogger for 10 years now, and it still works perfectly!!!

  43. Morey Condray says:

    I bought one if these foggers about a year ago. Have only used it a few times. When the the wind is NOT blowing it works very well until it starts leaking, then it doesn’t work at all. I took mine apart this morning because I figured sending it back would cost as much as buying a new one after they figured out what the problem was and sent it back to me with a bill. The problem with the fogger is the plunger that pushes the insecticide through the tube, breaks ( splits ). I’m sure Black Flag knows about this problem but hasn’t had a recall or tried to fix the problem. If it was my product, I would make sure that if it had bugs ( ha ha, no pun intended ) that they would be fixed at NO expense to the consumer. I’m going to try and fix this. If I do, I’ll post here again and let you know how to fix your $75.00 bug sprayer for less then $5.00. Hope this has helped anyone out there with some of their Questions.

  44. Teresa haynes says:

    Looking to find how to get the word out….we have one of those forgers and it worked great last year. This past weekend we had family in town for my daughter’s graduation. My husband went to fog the yard and the upon starting the thing up the propane caught fire some how…..burned his ankles, toes, hand, eyebrows and forehead. First-second degree burns and ended up in emergency room!

  45. Bob Lewis says:

    I have had the Propane Fogger for three years and it just stopped working. The pump just leaks back into the tank. I disassembled it and found that the plastic plunger leaks where it’s threaded onto the pipe leading to the coil-type boiler. I found no cracks in the plunger and made sure it was tight, but it still leaks back. There’s probably a crack that opens when it’s threaded on. I’m considering purchasing another one, since this is a throw-away society and then, I’ll have spare parts, but the same item will probably fail. So far I have found no replacement parts source. When it was working, it put out quite a decent fog and it seemed to be effective. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 for operation and about a 4/10 for durability.

  46. P. A. Choltco says:

    I had a Burgess (actually several) and needed a new one. I found this and bought it at Lowes. The first one never worked properly (couldn’t get it lit nor keep it lit) so I returned in for an exchange. I just returned the second in disgust. Same problem, and then I am told that Lowes has had a lot of complaints about just that. I will never buy another of this brand.

  47. rick says:

    I just bought this item. I used it twice. very good idea, bad design. Mine leaks badly out the bottom, and although the electronic igniter is providing spark, it wont light. I have to use a BBQ igniter to get it going. It does fog really well, and does a good job controlling mosquitoes, but I will be returning it because it leaks insecticide badly right out of the box. Poorly designed plastic body/housing. Other than that , it’s ok. I see others have had the same problem. MY advice is to get a different/ more expensive model that is better made.

  48. Dan says:

    Just an anecdotal response to the “Running behind the DDT truck” posts. Had a good friend chasing a DDT truck on foot run flat-out into a fire hydrant…OUCH! I think that cured us of our chasing days.

  49. mike says:

    I have used the black flag fogger and experienced problems with it. If I wasn’t careful to hold it steady it would leak oil all over the sides. that stuff is too expensive to be wasting.

    The Burgess fogger worked much better and lasted a long time. The Burgess comes in propane powered or electric. My electric one is now five years old and still works.

  50. Connie says:

    We bought a Black Flag/Burgess electric fogger on June 13th 2013 and it is already shot, it is junk, don’t waste your money. There is a 90 day limited warranty and if it breaks in the 90 day, you have to pay to ship it to get fixed and also pay the return postage, ours died in 103 days, and I contacted the company, they don’t even bother to get back to me

    • Carl Gee says:

      Black Flag and Burgess are 2 separate products!

      • Eric says:

        No, they’re not. Look up Black Flag foggers online. From the manufacturer, both Black Flag and Burgess foggers are shown on the same page, side by side. Same company. Just like Poulan and Husqvuarna are the same company. Or Chevrolet and GMC.

        • Lance says:

          And just like those other companies you mention, one product IS better than the other. They are assembled on different lines with just enough different parts to make one better than the other. Burgess is ten times the product that Black Flag is. I’ve seen it first hand.

  51. ljh says:

    while Black and decker brand tends usually to be a cheaped down tool no matter what This fogger blows a LOT of smoke. Allow it to heat for maybe a minute, give the pump a few gentle squeezes to advance the liquid, while pointing at a direction you don’t mind getting some wet poison on, until it starts to smoke. Find where down wind is, and STAND UPWIND. This stuff makes your lips numb!
    Don’t even try to use in any kind of breeze, the smoke w/ drift off w/o doing it’s job of killing mosquito’s. Best used just before occupying the area, and all foliage, hopefully it’s a non windy day. Fog away, exit the area, let the smoke dissipate, and your outdoor time is practically free of the little biters for a couple of hours. also tried a product called Mosquito Deleto, which was WORTHLESS, except for the $200 it cost to buy it, and a 5 gallon propane bottle every 3 weeks. The only thing that piece of garbage caught was me. Like a shiny new fishing bait.

  52. Tom says:

    I have a 1 acre wooded lot in the Midwest and a lot of mosquitoes. I have owned 2 or 3 Black Flag Propane foggers over a 15 year period and use it with the Black Flag fogging solution. I LOVE it!

    I work in the yard a lot and use it all the time. It will clear out a large area (75′ x 75′) for several hours. Not mosquito free but a large reduction in numbers so they are not a problem. Be sure there is very little wind. And, it is most effective in the evening just before dusk.

    I actually am an entomologist (insects) by education and can tell you this unit works great at clearing out the mosquitoes. I’m sure it kills a few but it mostly just creates a temporary area that is nearly mosquito free. the mosquitoes will be back the next day. As a test, I put some bugs in a gallon jar and “fogged” them to see what would happen. Most of the larger insects were not killed after several minutes. The mosquitoes did die. Therefore, I would not be too concerned about the fog killing off beneficial insects (unless you spray it directly on the bug).

    And yes, I will buy another one when my current 6 year old unit quits.

  53. Carl Gee says:

    Black flag fogger is garbage! The new product wouldn’t light and leaked insecticide everywhere. I replaced it. The control handle stuck open when squeezed and will not release. The canister STILL leaks. Customer Service wastes my hours. In sum, a useless product that should not be allowed on the market and, apparently, the only fogger I can find for sale in Canada. I will no longer purchase Black Flag products due to their inferior products and lackadaisical customer service.

  54. Chick says:

    Good string of comments. I have had two Black Flag fogger products and found they worked quite well clearing mosquitos. My second stopped fogging (clogged up) and brought me here.

    James in April of 2012 had the best advice. Followed his suggestions, used soap and then a heavy wire to clean the tip and got mine unclogged. Am back to killing/repelling bugs.

    Am copying his post below in the event anyone elses unit is clogged.

    James says:
    April 10, 2012 at 12:19 am

    If the fogger gets stopped up, will not pump. Stick it in a jar of dish water. The soap breaks the dried insecticide down. Let it sit in the soap for a few minutes. Then pump away till the soap squirts out. Then unscrew the tip and run a pipe cleaner down the tube. Then put the thing back together and spray. I did this and it fogs better than when I brought it home from home depot. Swoosh lots of fog.

  55. dutch says:

    I have had my “Cheap” Burgess for 30 years, and it still works just fine. Purchased at KMart for $30.00 or so.

    Used 2-4 times a summer here in Michigan, and the bugs are dead. Like Agent Orange for bugs. Skeeters are easy to control, it is fleas, ticks and other biting things that “bug” me. So I kill them. And the native population of so-called “good” bugs come back as quickly as the bad ones. No problem.

    I would rather answer to the “Bug God” in the afterlife then contend with Lyme, West Nile or some other nasty damned disease in this life. And if you ever knew anyone with undiganosed Lyme, or malaria for that matter, so would you.

    Kill them all. They come back. Nature is fecund.

  56. Jonathan says:

    WOW. People sure do go through a heck of a lot of work to get rid of bugs. Down here in Dallas all we do is call Massey Services to come out and spray for $55.00. No mosquitos guaranteed for 30 days or they come out and spray again. Been very happy not having to worry about any of this.

  57. Pat says:

    Horrible mosquito problem here in Chattanooga and I have used both Black Flag and Burgess foggers. My latest Black Flag has not been putting out fog as of late, so I tore it apart this afternoon. Shored up the rubber gasket with some teflon tape ( not sure how it will fare in an oil-based world but thought it worth a try)but found the real problem was a stopped-up fog tube. I unscrewed the tip and rust poured out. Cleaned the nozzle itself and went on a killing spree. The Bonide liquid is cheaper and more effective than Black Flag, normally you get one or the other but Bonide is both.
    Happy Killing!!

  58. sonny p. says:

    I live in the Houston area and of course we have major mosquito problems. I have bought 3 black flag propane foggers.I do not recommend this product in the least bit. Spark lighter is a joke, all have lasted only one summer at best, extremely disappointing, product is basically a piece of s*i*!!!!!!!

  59. Karen says:

    From my experience propane foggers are one of the best mosquito control methods, but professionals thermal foggers cost a fortune. So this particular Black Flag fogger will be enough for homeowners to fog their backyard and patio, but is too weak for large urban areas.

  60. Ken says:

    I recently bought my Burgess fogger and Black Flag liquid because I had heard that it does such a great job at getting rid of mosquitos. I found out that, at least if you have a wooded lot that the mosquitos come back immediately after the fog clears – about 2 minutes. I have had better results with typical spray can foggers such as Yard Guard. They will kill more mosquitos and keep them away much longer.

    • Lance says:

      Duh. That is like putting a cup of cold water in a hot bath and expecting it to be cooler when you get in. When used as intended they work perfectly. Every time.

  61. Lance says:

    Folks listen, a lot of people just don’t know how to use a fogger. First of all, don’t buy Black Flag. Buy Burgess or Cutter. Every time you start it up, you need to wait for the coil to get cherry red hot. This is the most efficient way to fully burn the insecticide when you pull the trigger. Resulting in MUCH more fog. Start fogging upwind of where you need the fog to go. That should be common sense. When finished fogging, let the fogger set for 1 minute before turning off. This lets the fogger burn off any insecticide left in the hot coil and prevents build up and clogging. Happy fogging!!!

  62. Jim says:

    Have a burgess and have had it for 8 yrs. Love it! Sitting outside now and earlier was getting eaten up, got the fogger out and haven’t been bothered.

  63. Death Punch says:

    “Cartier LOVE Bracelet, A bracelet easy to screw on…” Geez! It must be huge! Why don’t you jackasses take your spam and shove it? On a totally unrelated note, I love my Burgess propane hand held. Thanks for the cleaning advice! If you ever find rust inside something like a tube, tank, etc. you can soak it in molasses and water. Makes mild phosphoric acid. Works great, no kidding. Google it. I hope everyone but the spammers has a nice day!

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