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TM reader Joel tipped us off to this great sale over at Penn State Industries where they’re currently offering to give you two clams free whenever you buy two.  But pay attention: at first the pricing looks a little funny, but it’s actually fair.  For example, you’ll see a set of four 24″ aluminum bar clamps for $28.30 with a regular price of $14.15.  They mean the regular price for one clamp is $14.15.  You’re paying $28.30 for four clamps.  Make sense?

That said, if you could user a few aluminum bar clamps, deep-throat sliding bar clamps, hardwood hand screw clamps, or power spreaders, you’ll want to check this out.

Buy Two Clamps, Get Two Free [Penn State Industries]


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  1. Brad Justinen says:

    I picked up 4 of these clamps for $10 ($2.50 EACH) at BIGLOTS today. Not the highest quality but will work just the same. I’m very happy.

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