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TM reader and photo pool member James posted this photo of an incredible china cabinet he built from mahogany, mahogany ply, and maple ply.  Note the recessed LED shelf lighting and the custom fluorescent-backlit stained glass at the bottom.  This is a great design, and some quality work.

Hopefully he’ll stop by and tell us a little more about it — especially how it “cost half a thumbnail.”  Ouch!

If you get a chance, sign up with Flickr, join the Toolmonger group, and add photos of your current project, tools, or shop.  We’d love to see what you’re working on right now.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: An Awesome China Cabinet

  1. Rick says:

    Forget that – James has some dining room and bedroom furniture (dressers) that he built himself.. freaking awesome.. I may try and convince the wife once we have a house to furnish that instead of spending money on furniture, she should just let me buy the equipment I’d need to build it myself (table saw, jointer, planer, router with table) 😀

    Kudos to James for some really fantastic work..

  2. james b brauer 66 says:

    Thanks for the complements, and now for the thumbnail story: The shelves are supported from the back side by 1/2″ steel rods that extend about 10″ into the board, then about 2″ out the back where they are supported by an ‘L’ bracket on the back side that is tapped and has an adjuster bolt to make it level. I measured Grandma’s china so that the big dinner plates and little plates sit at the same angle in two grooves routed on the shelf. When I routed these grooves I mounted a straight edge across the board, then took my new laminate trimmer with a 1/4″ spiral upcut bit and made the cut. It was a long cut, so as I pulled the trimmer across the front it rotated in my hand, and rotated my thumb into the big access hole for tightening the collar. I felt my thumb sort of vibrating, then figgured out what was going on before the pain kicked it. Since I was near the end of the board, I went ahead and finished the cut before I checked my thumb. It left a little ding in the routed groove where I was jerking my hand out, that I like to show off when I tell the story.

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