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I’ll admit that I’m a total sucker for these kind of articles.  I actually keep a search out on Google to find them.  Why?  They remind me of why I got interested in making things in the first place.  Listen to Cadillac Michigan High School freshman Curtis Baum:

“I was looking at magazines and found a clock that looked cool, but it broke.  I tried it again and it broke,” he said.  “So I decided to make my own design.  I like fire and flames and thought if I liked it I would build it.”

Not only did he build a flame clock, he entered it in the Michigan Industrial Technology Education Society regional show — and won second place.

So, Curtis, here’s a message from your (new) friends at Toolmonger: fire and flames rock, and so do you.

Cadillac Students Take Their Skills to the Industrial Art Level [Cadillac News]


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  1. PeterP says:

    There is an album from the event here: http://www.mites.cc/Thumbs/index.htm

    Worth checking out, some of the stuff is very cool.

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