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Ever since Hitachi became Halo fans, I’ve had a hard time finding anything interesting on their new products page.  Sure, there’s lots of good stuff there.  It just all looks exactly the same — except this one driver, which seems to have slept through the green party.

I’m not kidding.  You’re reading about this driver because it’s brown-ish.

Besides the color, this seems like a pretty decent li-ion powered 14.4V driver.  It comes with two 1.5Ah batteries, spins to a no-load speed of 0-400 or 0-1,200 RPM, has a 22-stage clutch, and produces 274 in/lbs of torque — quite reasonable for a driver of this size.

Sadly, the “soft, non-slip elastomer grip” retains the same futuristic-toy styling that’s a turn-off for so many professionals.  Why?  It’s hard to say.  These drivers feel quite good in your hand, and they’re comfortable to use.  I suppose we’re just all so used to manufacturers using this kind of heavy design direction to cover faults that even when they slap it on a perfectly good driver, we’re suspicious.

At any rate, we haven’t been able to find street pricing for these yet, though we’ve heard that some Lowe’s stores are stocking them in small quantities.  One thing’s for sure: they’ll be easy to spot, like a brown spot on an otherwise-fresh green bell pepper.

14.4V 1.5Ah Li-Ion Driver Drill [Hitachi]


7 Responses to Hitachi’s 14.4V Li-Ion Driver: What, No Green?

  1. Trevor Dyck says:

    I can’t stand the way these alien-spaceship-on-crack drills look. I’ll stick with my (yellow) DeWalt 18V, thanks.

  2. Stuey says:

    I happen to like the odd color schemes of Hitachi’s tools. But then again, I also like that they’re cheaper than similarly rated tools.

  3. Jim says:

    In Japan, there have been some power tool manufacturers that are offering the same tool in various colors. If you witness job sites in Japan, you will notice the extensive use of uniforms. To my understanding, these can be color coded for different trades and it is not uncommon to see different uniform markings to designate position or title. The trend and preference among tradesmen is to purchase tools in the color representing their trade, hence the availability of various colors.

  4. Dan says:

    That looks cool, in a sort of freaky I want to break way I guess. I agree with Trevor, I’ll stick with my yellow DeWalt.

  5. Frank says:

    This drill sells at Lowe’s for $139 and they toss in a MP3 player as a freebie.

  6. Brad says:

    This tool is what they call “gold” not Brownish, it is a metallic soft plastic they use,

    like it or hate it?
    Sales show that consumers have voted and they love it!!

    I guess its aimed at the younger market than the dewalt target range of 40-50yr olds!

  7. Jonathan Johnstone says:

    Hitachi tools I’ve used are all pretty good BUT, I can’t stand the way they look..

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