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Here’s an archived copy of a “safety film about dangers associated with earthmoving equipment operation, showing many great simulated accidents on construction sites.”  Best of all: the whole thing’s narrated by a Johnny Cash soundalike who calls himself — I’m not kidding — “Three-Finger Joe.”

Note: There’s a warning on the hosting site, “CONTENT ADVISORY: May be frightening and surprising to some viewers.”  I watched about five minutes of the 23-minute video and wasn’t surprised or frightened, but you’ve been warned.

Shake Hands With Danger (ca. 1970s) [Internet Archive]


6 Responses to Doh! Shake Hands With Danger

  1. Kitchen says:

    Reminded me of this film:


    It might seem odd at first but get a few minutes in and you may find it amusing.

  2. Tony Clifton says:

    Staplerfahrer Klaus is always the first thing that comes to mind when I see safety films on the internet.

    Funny, and informative.

  3. Steven says:

    In the late 90’s I worked for Caterpillar, and this was a required film to watch as a training film if you were going to operate some of the heavy equipment. I was an Electrical Engineer, but at times I had to operate the big tractors, so I had to watch it.

    There were a couple more films equally as corny, but this one will always stand out in my memory…

  4. Roscoe says:

    This is great! Does anyone have a copy that is downloadable and large enough to share during a safety meeting?

  5. Jim Stringer says:

    I wrote and produced the music for this film… the talented script writer, John Clifford, wrote the lyrics. “Three Finger Joe” is actually Charles Oldfather, Dean of the University of Kansas Law School. Charlie died about 15 years ago, but the studio where this was produced, Centron, was purchased by his family, donated to KU and named in his honor.

  6. Matt Snyder says:

    I love this video! It reminds me of every epsiode of the Dukes of Hazzard…music and all!

    Any chance Jim Stringer has the music for the guitar floating around anywhere? My friend and I have a band and would love to perform this song the proper way.
    I’ve done my best so far to play it by ear, but I’m still missing something.
    Any help would be appreciated. contact at chewy747@aol.com

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