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After posting today’s Hot or Not regarding layout squares, it occured to me that some of you who don’t already use them might wonder what all the hubbub’s about.  I found a nice, short article by our friends over at This Old House that neatly sums up how useful this measuring tool is and how it’s used.

How I Learned To Love The layout Square [This Old House]


5 Responses to Why Use A Layout Square?

  1. Michael W. says:

    I’m glad he included the tip on using one for crosscuts with a circular saw. It’s about the quickest way to cut a board to size accurately right where you need it.

  2. Don Bradshaw says:

    I use mone constantly for miter saw cuts. It makes a nice straight line every time and you don’t have to adjust it like you would with a combination square. You can also beat the living crap out of it and it will still be dead on (and I tend to do this to a lot of my layout tools(. Besides a tape measure, it is by far the most important layout tool I have.

  3. Scott Dallesasse says:

    They are great for accurate electrical conduit bends where multiple conduit runs are parallel and right next to each other.

  4. smoore says:

    There is one reason Occidental has a pocket for the speed square in their tool bags:

    It’s a necessary tool for modern frame construction.

    I can’t imagine a carpenter wondering what that funny triangular pocket in the left bag of his new oxi’s was for… he’s been carrying the square for years.

  5. Travis says:

    Ok, I’m convinced. I’m putting this on my tool wishlist.

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