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Thinking about picking picking up an ’08 Nissan Titan?  You’ll definitely want to check out this awesome first drive article by our friend Mike Levine over at PickupTruck.com.  Mike knows more about pickup trucks than anyone I know, so I take what he writes seriously.  In this article he runs down the ’08 Titan models in great detail and even places them in a historical setting to give you a good idea of not just what Nissan did with them, but why.

First Drive: 2008 Nissan Titan [PickupTruck.com]


4 Responses to The 2008 Nissan Titan, Reviewed And Explained

  1. Kevin Jack says:

    Nice truck for sure! Nissan had no choice to add the long wheelbase… especially with the new Tundra! Wish I had the dough to buy one of these… I just don’t know which one I would buy!

  2. Scott Dallesasse says:

    What’s wrong with american made trucks?

  3. zaw says:

    These are like made for america. I don’t think they fit in Japan.

  4. ryan says:

    Nice truck…..I would buy that! Nissan with a better quality Nissan Water Pump and is once again presenting another Titan made even better than its other siblings.

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