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Sick of trying to manipulate those little jumpers on PC boards?  Try using a hemostat.  My favorites are the slightly-curved kind which are so easy to slip into the tight spaces in most computers and project cases.  They also lock when you close them, so once you’ve got that jumper snagged, you can let go and use your hand to move the ‘stats as necessary to extract them.

I have a handful of sets that my father gave me.  The small, curved ones live in my computer tool kit while the rest are in a toolbox drawer out in the shop.

They’re pretty easy to come by as well.  You can find them at many large flea markets — that’s where my dad picked his up — or you can find them from all sorts of vendors online where they start at around $3 each.  (You can find them for much less, but you’ll have to do some brick-and-mortar digging.)

(Thanks to oskay for this great CC-licensed photo.)

Hemostats [Google Products]


10 Responses to Tip: Use Hemostats To Move PC Board Jumpers

  1. Rob says:

    Hemostats are ok but for jumpers I like to use tweezers. Either is really fine for me though.

  2. Stuey says:

    That’s a nice bright and colorful photo!

    Anyways, I have to agree – hemostats are awesome!

    I work in the insides of my computers a lot, and there’s nothing easier to use than hemostats for moving small jumpers or leads around. Aside from that, these are great for when I clumsily drop a screw into a cramped place where a magnet retriever is not a good idea (like the inside of a computer).

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a nice pair at retail stores. I ordered two pairs from an industrial supplier once and was sadly disappointed at the quality of the tools. Does anyone have any favorite brands/suppliers?

  3. clueless says:

    I prefer to use the locking version of the hemostats with curved jaws. They are great for a third hand.

    Try http://www.widgetsupply.com for hemostats and other goodies. Great service and decent shipping rates.

  4. clueless says:

    The ones from the website I listed are the hobby grade. If you are going looking for medical grade instruments, you are going to pay premium dollar for them. Maybe HMC Electronics or Mouser might be a source of better ones. I used to have a pair of curved serrated jaw locking hemostats that had a scissor blades too- cant find those anymore for a good price.

  5. Kaos.rox says:

    I’ve been using hemostats for different things for years. In Canada a good source for them is Princess Auto. They have several types and sizes.


  6. nrChris says:

    Do what I did; marry a nurse. First aid and hemostats–stat!

  7. The long tweezers to to top are a little better for those annoying power jumpers and other assorted things.

    However! When fishing, hemostats really do the trick for removing those fish hooks for catch-and-release.

  8. james b brauer 66 says:

    Hemostats won’t fit into the disk drive jumpers I pull frequently at work. I use a disposable box opener. Prick the side of the jumper and lift it out. The flea market guys that sell the hemostats, that are quite good as mini vice-grips for soldering, often sell dental picks as well. These might work better for some applications.

  9. Dale says:

    Kronus Curved Forceps from radioshack got a nice one it is 6″ long the model number is 64-2961. I got mine for $3.99 it was on sale.

  10. Gordon says:

    nrChris: I married a nurse, too, but she insists these things are called Kelly clamps.

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