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I originally found Tapemonster.com when I was playing in bands and needed board tape (that’s sized perfectly for labeling a mixer), gaffer’s tape (which doesn’t leave goo on stuff), and glow tape (to keep from running into mic stands in the dark).  But even after I gave up my rock star dream for writing, I still order all sorts of stuff from these people: like colored electrical tape.

To give you an idea of the variety Tapemonster.com carries, here’s the tape featured on their site as I write: 14-day UV resistant duct tape with clean removal.  You get the idea.

And hey — if you get a chance, open up your “little black book” of suppliers and drop us a note with some of your favorites.  We’ll share ’em here on Toolmonger.

Tapemonster.com [Corporate Site]


2 Responses to Material Source: Tapemonster.com

  1. Kyle Irestone says:

    I have used fastenation.com for buying velcro rolls in the past. I have almost exclusively abandoned zip ties for velcro strips due to the fact that i can get velcro so cheap on this site.

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    My favorite suppliers:


    Jamestown Distributors specializes in marine products. I don’t really have a need for marine stuff, but I always find them useful when I need specialized stainless hardware, screws, nuts, bolts and epoxy type finishes. Stuff that the local Ace doesn’t carry and you’d never see it at HD. Not cheap, but not terribly expensive either.


    Expensive. But I was able to get some precut stainless stock that was frustrating to find locally. Again, I wouldn’t buy stuff I could easily get locally, but at some point you just need it and chances are they can get it to you.


    Woodworker’s Source is my favorite. These guys wrap up hardwood and ship it to you for less than my local Los Angeles suppliers can even dream about. Their Project Packs are the bargain and I buils a Bubinga vanity from one that the chicks swoon over.


    I just did my kitchen (and I did my last kitchen in my last place) using these guys. Great product at an unbelievable price (at least for LA).

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