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Black and Decker’s $25 stud sensor stood out to me in the store not for its features, but for its simplicity.  The current market is flooded with so many over-featured stud sensors — with multiple lasers, calculators, and so on — that it’s refreshing to see one that just finds studs.

OK, it does a few other things, too, but they’re basic and important things: finding metal (as in conduit) and live AC wiring.

I’d go on and on, but that’s all it does.  Nice, yeah?  I think I’m going to pick one up when my Harbor Freight cheapie finally kicks the bucket.

Stud, Metal, Wire Sensor [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


2 Responses to An Inexpensive Basic Stud Sensor With Extras

  1. Mark says:

    I’ve tried many different stud finders over the years and have never had much luck with any of them. Lowes even has a demo display of the Zircon (I think it’s the i65 one step) that I couldn’t reliable locate the stud on. Is it just me?

  2. Randy says:

    It’s not just you, but they work OK. If it’s just a stud, they are about 90%. It can still be hard to define the stud edges, but I can hit wood almost every time.

    A few weeks ago I was replacing a can light in the ceiling. Poor attic access, so I decided to cut the steel braces out from below (plus it was much cooler in my house than in my attic). With the ceiling joists, the steel support bars, the frame of the light, and the romex in the area, I couldn’t get anything that made sense with my stud finder. I just ended up using a rare earth magnet to find the braces.

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