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Lorenzo, a long-time TM reader and sometimes contributor writes: “I had to submit this tool because the price I paid for it was the greatest: NOTHING!  Free!  A friend was moving and didn’t want to take it with him, so he handed it over to me.  How could I possibly say ‘no’ to an almost new band saw?  I downloaded an owner’s manual and am currently learning how to use it.”  Congrats, man!

Any suggestions as to projects he might want to tackle to get started or tips on using a benchtop band saw like his?


One Response to Our Friend Lorenzo Is Gloating Again

  1. Joel Wires says:

    One of the first things that I would do, is make an adjustable circle cutting jig that you can then do all sorts of fun stuff pretty quickly. Also, try using it to resaw some lumber down to a flexible thickness and make some simple curved boxes with simple butt joints. No need to do any fancy box or finger joints for the first fun project.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m completely jealous. Awesome deal man!

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