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This week we’re joined by Jordan Ross — a long-time Toolmonger reader who built his own Segway this summer.  We met Jordan at Maker Faire, and it’s great to finally hear the details of the project.  We also run down the top five tools as selected by Toolmonger readers and answer a reader question regarding compatibility of Dremel rotary tool accessories.  Remember, if you’ve got a question or comment for us you can call us at 866-718-9403.  (Podcast Download)


3 Responses to Tool Talk Podcast #13

  1. James says:

    I’ll have to correct the info about the Robertson screw patent. The patent expired in 1964, so there are no royalties to pay. You’re probably thinking of the Henry Ford story. Ford wanted to use the screws in production, but P.L. Robertson refused to license the design to any other company.

    As for price, square-drive screws are available in the US for dirt-cheap from McFeely’s. You can get 1000 1″ #8 screws for $19.27, and 10,000 for $160.33:


  2. Kurt Schwind says:

    Thanks for the Dremel advice guys. What I’ve been eyeing is the “MultiPro 400 XPR Rotary Tool Kit” which sounds like it’ll do everything I want. Amazon lists it for $88, so now I’m just looking for a deal on it somewhere. I’m not that interested in stylus at the moment so this really clarified a lot.

  3. Deb says:

    Great information, thanks guys! I have had a corded Dremel for several years and have to remind myself to use it more often. Love the site and will be reading and listening to everything. I came in to find out if pegboard install is really as easy as I thought and found a treasure trove of tool info!

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