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If you’re planning on doing any of your own drywall work — or you’re just interested in how the process works — you’ll definitely want to check out this great how- to over on HowStuffWorks.com.  The article walks you through the whole deal from planning to installation and finishing with lots of great drawings and diagrams like the one above.

It’s been my experience that installing drywall isn’t overly difficult.  Installing drywall quickly is quite difficult, though, and that’s what separates the pros from the amateurs.  So if you’re considering jumping in and giving it a try, I’d say do it!

How To Install Drywall [HowStuffWorks.com]


3 Responses to How To Install Drywall

  1. Leslie says:

    This and the article you posted from JLC last month are starting to give me the confidence to tackle a bunch of drywall repair projects – I’m a lathe & plaster kinda gal and seem to be lacking in the drywall finishing gene, but these were both good articles with some good tips that might in fact allow me to do something that doesn’t look like crap.

  2. KMR says:

    A few years ago I remodelled my entire house, including adding a 500sq ft addition. I have seen too much new construction where the drywall was poorly done, so I decided to take on all of the finish work myself.

    Drywall is easy, but boring, and it is all too easy to get bored with the pace and rush the job along. When you start getting careless and your cuts aren’t clean, and your measurements aren’t as precise as they should be, is when you run into sloppy work.

    If I would have known about fast drying compounds (like 90 minutes) I would have used it from the start. They’re more expensive but they really stick well, are less picky about humidity, and they dry quickly.

    Also download USG’s 400+ pg drywall manual. Not only does it cover everything you want to know, it will cover up how to fix things that won’t occur until after you think you’re done with your drywall job. Like who knew they make rubber expansion joint type drywall beads for structural joints… found out about that after I had a crack form along a major ceiling joint.

  3. benjamen says:

    I can’t believe anyone would still use nails to hang drywall, as the article implies. Raise your hand if you have nail heads popping out of your drywall. I know ring shank nails are supposed to be better, but I’ve never seen a screw popping out.

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