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It’s the Moleskine’s simplicity that has kept one in my pocket for the past few years, so I was surprised to fall in love with this custom leather cover by “Moleskine-enthusiast” Paul Saffo and Gfeller Casemakers artisan Steve Derricott I saw on Boing Boing this afternoon.  Put aside thoughts of turning your Moleskine into some kind of Dolce & Gabbana bauble — Paul and Steve’s creation is more like the solid leather case that comes with a good pocket knife.  It’s functional.

A while back I called the Moleskine “the best notebook I’ve ever owned,” and I mean it.  Unless they stop making them, I’ll carry them the rest of my life.  And that’s the idea behind Paul’s cover.  It’s made of calfskin, so it should develop a wonderful worn patina as you carry it, becoming (as David at Boing Boing said) “an heirloom in the making.” 

It features a slot cut into the back to allow use of the pocket in the back of the Moleskine as well as the Moleskine’s elastic strap.  And best of all, it protects the binding, keeping it from separating.

The bad news: while Steve is open to take orders for more, it might take you a while to get one.  Time to fire up your pro-level sewing machine!

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